- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 10 - Mystere

     After escaping Stephanie explains that a millenia ago, between the war of the Heavenly Ones and the Sorcerers, the heavenly beings created what they called a killing doll. She awakened the Killing Doll on accident while researching the ruins.

    The discussion ends on an argument, and to comfort Stephanie Cleao tries to talk to her about Totokanta. Stephanie explains that Orphen enjoyed the city because not everyone hated him, which was common, given his personality. Apparently, Majic's father was the only person who stood up for him. They're cut off by Majic's cries for help, after Orphen tied him up and ran away! After Cleao an Majic take their leave Stephanie tells the Killing Doll where to find Orphen.

    Cleao hires Volcan and Dortin to attack the Killing Doll with their golem! During the distraction it caused Stephanie explains that the Killing Doll read her mind, found out all about Orphen. It threatened to destroy the whole town if she didn't cooperate. Cleao creates further distraction, allowing Orphen to finish off the Killing Doll!

    Last but not least, Orphen explains that since Stephanie, or 'Stephan' was so wounded by the injury he used his powers to transform himself into a woman during the healing process.

English Title: The Relic Part II
Japanese Title: Obey My Command, Doll

Notable Facts:

    - Killing Dolls were created by the Heavenly Beings to destroy the Sorcerers
    - Orphen's attachment to Majic's father is because he stood up for him against other town citizens.
    - Since he'd no longer have magic after that Stephanie also transformed himself into a woman using sorcery.
    - Volcan refers to himself as the Battle Hound of Mazmaturia.

Glorious archive of quotes, insults, and nicknames:

    - "The city, built upon the ancient beauty of a maze of water filled canals is a romantic retreat from the stresses of every day life."

Featured Characters:

    - Cleao
    - Dortin
    - Killing Doll
    - Leki
    - Majic
    - Orphen
    - Stephanie
    - Tim
    - Volcan

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