- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 13 - Flameheart

    The elders blame Childman completely for the damage to the Tower of Fang, to which he insists on destroying the Bloody August. In a less serious conversation Volcan is ready to sell the sword to the Tower of Fang! Well, that plan is quickly squashed by a familiar sorcerer and his angry companion.

    The damage to the tower allows the group to enter. They're on the search for books! A council has easily distracted them. The group enters unnoticed, until Cleao knocks over an entire row of book shelves.

     To try to capture them Flameheart, and up and coming sorcerer after an Elder position brings together a small army.Orphen senses the danger and rushes the team away, to a teleporation portal within the tower itself. Strangely Childman has permitted their escape, confusing Orphen in his motives.

Notable Facts:

    - Orphen's pendant is revealed to have been Azalie's. His was burried in her grave.
    - The Tower of Fang is guarded by a dangerous shielding in most circumstances.
    - The Tower of Fang has an archive of ancient books.
    - Azalie tutored Orphen every single day to help him pass his exams, including mock exams an lending him notes.
    - The teleportation relic is from the Heavenly Beings.

Glorious archive of quotes, insults, and nicknames:


Featured Characters:

    - Azalie
    - Captain of the Guard
    - Childman
    - Cleao
    - Dortin
    - Lartia
    - Leki
    - Majic
    - Orphen
    - Volcan

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