- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 4 - Guardian of the Garden

    Desperate for relief from their travels Cleao and Majic run away to the Hot Springs of Kahlna. That is, they run away in the middle of the night while Orphen's asleep. After kidnapping her blonde friend Cleao proceeds to mug Volcan of the sword, and subsequently rehire him to carry the sword.

    They find the horrible rumors of Kahlna's haunting monster to be true, the whole group attacked by a scythe wielding machine. They barely escape with their lives and become trapped in the resort until Orphen saves the group. He explains that the monsters are simply instructed to guard the beautiful flowers of the resort.

    As the moon eclipses the sun millions of flowers bloom, releasing glowing spores into the air. Orphen recalls memories of his past, when Azalie, studying the beautiful flowers promised that someday they'd see them together.

Notable Facts:

    - Kahlna is noted to be haunted, with a monster guarding the resorts lost riches.
    - The Monster of Kahlna is rumored to have metal skin, sharp pinchers, and one eye that glows in the dark.
    - Plains of Abarad are mentioned, not shown.
    - The ancient ones built the Ruins of Kahlna and left the guardians to tend to the flowers.
    - In the Japanese version the treasure is the 'Golden Blessing,' when all of the flowers bloom under the Eclipse.

Featured Characters:

    - Cleao
    - Dortin
    - Majic
    - Orphen
    - Volcan

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