- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 5 - Curse of Wolves

    In wandering through the forest Majic finds a mysterious girl, one who knows sorcery (or so it would appear.) When she flees he's taken prisoner by villagers discriminating against sorcerers. After he's shot Fiena is the only one that stops them from finishing him off.

    At the prison he finds out that Volcan and Dortin have been captured, and in exchange for their safety Volcan is selling out Orphen and his team. While he's busy escaping the prison, elsewhere in the forest Cleao has stumbled upon a baby Wolfen!

    As the group reunites it takes a dangerous turn. The mother of the cub appears, and in a misguided attempt to save the group Orphen draws its fire. The beast destroys his mind and leaves him for dead.

English Title: Curse of Wolves Part I
Japanese Title: The Priestess Embraced by the Dragon

Notable Facts:

    - Fiena is shown to have healing powers.
    - Magic uses the incantation 'Creature above me, I command to fall!'
    - The village is composed of Forest Tribesman, seperatists who have lived in the forest for centuries.
    - The lineage of the Forest Tribesman is said to be 1,000 years old.
    - The Forest Tribesman believe the only pure magic comes from their own forest, and all other magic is evil.
    - The Forest Tribesman are said to worship magical beings called Wolven.
    - Orphen studied the Wolven at the Tower of Fang.
    - The symbol on Fiena's chest is the symbol of the wolven, given to all of their priestess'.
    - Majic is capable of fighting. No, really!
    - Batrov brought chemistry to the village during a time of sickness. He's the only outsider allowed to stay.
    - Batrov is revealed to be a magic hunter. Talismans and relics, and currently, Wolfen.
    - The presence of the Wolven is accompanied by thick fog, while the creatures themselves have long, extendable claws.
    - * Strange goof. In the 'next episode' preview the Wolven are ashen-gray instead of blue.
    - Dragon Faith is a term used in the Japanese version, referring to the people.

Glorious archive of quotes, insults, and nicknames:

    - Volcan calling Orphen a 'Leather-Wrapped Weasel'

Featured Characters:

    - Batrov
    - Cleao
    - Dortin
    - Fiena
    - Leki
    - Majic
    - Orphen
    - Volcan

The Dragon Faith and the Forest Tribesman

Dragon Faith
    The Dragon Faith is a title of the people who live in the forest. It is said in the Japanese version of the episode that they were worshippers of the dragons.

    As the legend goes, long ago the dragons declared a war against the gods. The dragons' worshippers lead a great battle against the followers of the gods and in their victory made the continent of Kielsalhima their home.

    Soon after they received power from the Wheeled Dragon (wheeled as in the wheel of time). The interbreeding of the Dragon Tribe and humans eventually lead to the birth of Sorcerers, those who could use magic but were neither dragon nor human.

    In an effort to rid the world of sorcerers they bestowed weapons made of magic on the humans, giving them the strength to kill the sorcerers. To this day the Dragon Faith kills any sorcerer that they may come across, believing they and their magic are both impure.

A Difference in Titles
    The creatures in this episode are referred to as the 'Wolfen' in the English version. In the Japanese version they are 'Deep Dragons' (as in those that reside in deep forests.)

    In the English version the worshippers were referred to as the Forest Tribesman, and it is said that their lineage was a thousand years old.

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