- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 7 - The Ruins of Baltanders

    While trying to find their way to one of the lost islands our team find that boats have been going missing, supposedly the result of a dragon. They borrow one such vessel that drifted back abandoned, and set out!

    Upon arriving they find most of the ruin sealed, and Orphen recalls his memories of visiting them with Azalie. When she can't convince him to steal the bracelet she hides it behind the plaque. When examining the blade a rat stumbles upon it, and at the very touch is transformed into a larger form.

    They soon encounter the same rat, now transformed into a monstrous dragon. Orphen makes an attempt to seal the beast before Azalie appears, destroying it completely. Even with the amplifying power of the bracelet, Orphen's attempt to bind her fails.

Notable Facts:

    - The seven lost islands are mentioned, to the Ruins of the Dragon of the Wheel.
    - Zanolor is mentioned as the origin of the map paper (English dub only.)
    - The dragons at the ruin are a momento of the heavenly ones.
    - The Tower of Fang has guarded the ruins with magic shielding.
    - Doors unable to open are sealed by the dragon's power.
    - The plaque on the statues reads Baltanders, meaning 'Always something else. Something is incomplete.'
    - Azalie and Krylancelo were sent to study the ruins by the Tower of Fang.
    - Nomafrozis, 'Unsheath from Here' (English) or 'Brings Forth From Within' is written on the bracelet of the dragon.
    - The sword is estimated to read the 'Sword of Baltanders.'
    - The transformed rat was trapped on the island by the shielding established.

Glorious archive of quotes, insults, and nicknames:

    - "This maps about as valuable as you are, and that's not saying much."

Featured Characters:

    - Azalie (Human and Bloody August)
    - Cleao
    - Dortin
    - Leki
    - Majic
    - Orphen
    - Volcan

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