- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 8 - Azalie

    Inside the ruins, during an onsetting storm Majic, Cleao, Volcan, and Dortin discover a room of massive crystals. Crystals that reflect light so slow, that the images appearing upon them are reflections of events from years before. When Orphen witnesses the reflection of Azalie, as she was in her true human form he runs from the building and break down.

    Cleao tries her best to provide comfort while Orphen explains why it is that she meant so much to him. He tells his friends that when they were just children they grew up in the same orphanage, and eventually fled to find a better place. Childman scouted them out as sorcerers, and from that day forward they were inseperable. Azalie always excelled at her classes, but while Orphen was a ways behind she often encouraged him to keep trying. In spite of this he admits that he often saw something frightening in her.

    Then, one final night she invited him to her room to try some magic. When he arrived, he heard her screams of pain. It was too late. He walked in to see her impaled on the Sword of Baltanders, and the transformation had already begun.

    Furious, the Tower of Fang stated that they would eradicate Azalie by any means necessary. This was to prevent the story from getting out, to ensure the pride and reputation of the Tower of Fang. Orphen renounced his name, scolding the Tower of Fang for their attempt to fake Azalie's death and swore that he'd never give up until he saved her.

    Also: The secret of thhe heavenly beast:sorceress

Notable Facts:

    - The Crystals of the Heavenly Ones reflect light at a slow rate, causing images to appear up to six years later.
    - Orphen and Azalie were raised at the same orphanage until they ran away.
    - They heard of the Tower of Fang and met Childman. They were both scouted for their magic ability.
    - Azalie was nicknamed the 'Sorceress of the Heavenly Beast'
    - 'By Power of Thunder' is the English incantation of their spell.
    - Azalie cut her hair at request of the Tower of Fang.
    - Orphen was noted to be head of his class.

Featured Characters:

    - Azalie (Human, Bloody August)
    - Childman
    - Cleao
    - Dortin
    - Hartia
    - Leki
    - Majic
    - Orphen
    - Volcan

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