- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 9 - The Relic

    For once Volcan has accurately located something of value. It's guarded by a mysterious and deadly creature that claims to slaughter sorcerers, and to save their own hides (after it recognizes the Sword of Baltanders as a Sorcerers relic) they snitch about Orphen.

    After procuring a golem they make a (failed) attempt on Orphen's life. This brings up the question of where the creature came from, but before those questions are answered Stephanie shows up. An old friend of Orphen's, one who used to be his partner.

    Their interactions brings nothing but jealousy to Cleao, who sets out to study the ruins on her own. There she encounters a dangerous manikin, believed to be controlled by the Heavenly Ones. Orphen arrives in time to save her from danger, along with Stephanie and Majic, but how does the doll know him?

English Title: The Relic
Japanese Title: Partner In The City of Canals

Notable Facts:

    - Stephanie used to be a sorcerer until using all of their magic power to heal a fatal injury.
    - Alenhatan is built upon ruins of the Heavenly ones
    - Killing Dolls are used by the Heavenly Beings to kill sorcerers.

Glorious archive of quotes, insults, and nicknames:

    - "The city, built upon the ancient beauty of a maze of water filled canals is a romantic retreat from the stresses of every day life."

Featured Characters:

    - Cleao
    - Dortin
    - Killing Doll
    - Leki
    - Majic
    - Orphen
    - Stephanie
    - Volcan

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