- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 1

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Japanese Script

Orphen: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

Orphen: Nothing to it! Pretty cool, right Majic?

Majic: You're overdoing it, Sir Orphen.

Orphen: It's 'Master!' Didn't I already tell you that?

Majic: I'm sorry, Master.

Orphen: But as much as your old man is paying me, I guess I have to teach you. But of cours, Majic, for you to do magic of this level, we're talking years into the future.

Majic: Isn't this the bottle you were aiming for, Master? Oh well, these things happen once in a while. Tere are things like carelessness and slumps. Right, Master?

Orphen: I'm going. It's time for breakfast.

Majic: Wait for me, Master!

Cleao: So, it's been a year? What a long time, Totokanta.

Driver: Whoa! Whoa!

Cleao: Geez! What's the matter, Sir?

Driver: Who in the world caused this mischief? There wasn't a hole here yesterday!

Cleao: What is this?

Bagaup: So, how about it, Orphen? Does my son seem to have any talent?

Orphen: Yeah, tons. I'll guarantee it.

Bagaup: What an unreliable guarantee.

Orphen: What are you saying? From the Tower of Fangs, a Court Sorcerer. I, the black sorcerer, Orphen, am guaranteeing it!

Majic: That's right. You saw it too, didn't you, Father? Master's pendant? Only black sorcerers from the Tower of Fangs have that dragon pendant.

Bagaup: I'm not doubting the "from the Tower of Fangs" part. But one of the thirteen candidates for Court Sorcerer? I can't see it. Why would such an amazing sorcerer hang around Totokanta a whole year? Not working, lazing around every day. Not to mention the three months of rent you have yet to pay! That's kind of strange, isn't it?

Orphen: Old man, didn't you know? Sorcerers are lazy.

Bagaup: First I've heard of it.

Orphen: Really? But I am working. Right?

Majic: Well, yeah.

Bagaup: It's been two moons since you first began teaching my son magic, but there don't appear to have any results at all.

Orphen: You don't get it at all, do you, old man? Magic isn't something you learn that easily.

Bagaup: It's all in the wording, is it?

Majic: Father!

Orphen: You! That was the delight of tonight's dinner!

Majic: I'm so sorry, Master!

Orphen: Oh well. 'Heal that which is mine, Spirit of Healing Light!'

Bagaup: Well, anyway, Orphen, just don't give my son any false hopes. He's so gullible.

Orphen: I understand. What is it, Majic?

Majic: Isn't that dirty?

Orphen: Geez! We're going now, Majic!

Majic: Say, Master, what are you doing here everyday? It seems like you're looking towards that mansion all day. But isn't that the mansion of the Everlastings?

Orphen: I wouldn't know! I'm just bird watching.

Majic: Bird watching? You, Master?

Orphen: Even though I may not seem like it, I am a lover of nature. Look, Majic, it's a starling!

Majic: Wat a rare starling. It cries 'Cuckoo'.

Majic: So that's what it is.

Orphen: Did you say something?

Majic: No, nothing!

Cleao: What's wrong, big sister?

Mariabelle: Nothing, nothing's wrong.

Cleao: Really? Then, let's have tea! I have a lot of souvenir snacks!

Dortin: Big brother, if you keep slacking, you'll get yelled at again.

Volcan: Shut up, Dortin! Why am I, the great Volcan Polkano of Mazmaturia, stuck in thhis place nonchalantly peeling onions?! Damn! My eye's sting!

Dortin: There's no helping it. After all, this is all happening because of you, big brother. Because you're in debt to that person.

Volcan: That's right! It's that person's fault! All this, everything, is that evil, slant-eyed, black sorcerer... It's Orphen's fault!

Dortin: You shouldn't say things like that. After all, he found us this job so we can pay our debt back faster.

Volcan: Naive! Naive! Naive! Don't you see how he uses us?

Dortin: But...

Volcan: Remember this, Orphen! Someday I'll peel you to death like an onion! Yes, and watch your streaming tears as you die...

Dortin: Big brother, after we've finished prepping, we still have cleaning to do. So we better hurry, or ... Big brother?

Volcan: Wait a minute, I could always strangle him with an onion ring. No, no, death by vegetable stir-fry is a hard idea to throw out.

Dortin: Big brother...

Dortin: But why is Orphen so interested in that sword?

Childman: What? You say you've discovered the Sword of Baltanders?

Seer: Yes, Lai succeeded with his clairvoyance.

Childman: That sword, where is it?

Seer: In Totokanta.

Childman: Totokanta...

Cleao: He's just a peeping tom, big sister!

Mariabelle: Peeping Tom?

Cleao: That's right! He's been watching you this whole time, hasn't he? This wasn't what I expected when you said there was someone you liked.

Mariabelle: He's not that type of person. You wouldn't know that, Cleao, since you've been at school, but...

Cleao: How do you know that, big sister? You don't even know his name, or where he comes from?

Mariabelle: Because he's watched me for a whole year. Anyone that single minded can't be a bad person.

Cleao: Big sister?

Mariabelle: Cleao, you remember something like that too, don't you?

Cleao: No, I don't have a memory like that. Anyway, big sister, you be careful of strange people! Understand?

Majic: Hey, Master!

Orphen: Wat is that?

Majic: What do you mean? They're imperative for bird watching.

Orphen: For bird watching? Well, okay. It can't hurt to have them.

Cleao: Well, its been awhile since I was home, so I think I'll go shopping. But big sister falling in love with a peeping tom of all people!

Majic: I wonder what's wrong?

Dortin: I'm sorry! Are you alright, Miss?

Cleao: It's a peeping tom! A peeping tom! A peeping tom was looking into my room!

Dortin + Volcan: A peeping tom?

Dortin: Oh, if that's all it is, then you're mistaken. That's...

Volcan: I know that person, Miss. He's a black sorcerer named Orphen. He's been embarassing women the world over. An infamous guy!

Cleao: Embarassing women the world over? Unforgivable. Unforgivable! Absolutely unforgivable!

Cleao: Just a minute, you over there! You! You! You over there! Yes, how dare you peep?! You dare peep at a virgin's nakedness!

Majic: Nakedness?

Cleao: Unforgivable! I won't forgive you, you enemy of women!

Orphen: You know, I'm sorry, but I have no idea what this is about.

Volcan: It's no use for you to play dumb, you lecherous sorcerer, you!

Orphen: You guys.

Volcan: What a horrible scoundrel you are to look upon the nakedness of our lady! With this mop, I'll squeak, squeak you to death!

Dortin: I suspect that's pretty impossible.

Volcan: Shut up! This is our chance to pay him for our everyday grievances. You say something, too.

Dortin: Well...

Orphen: 'Sword of Ligt, whom I do release.'

Cleao: Magic! What did you do?!

Orphen: It's all right. They're really hardy, you know.

Cleao: You're from that time ... It can't be! Of all things for you to be: A peeping tom.

Orphen: I thought you were mad, but now all of the sudden you're blue. You're an awfully busy person.

Majic: Are you Cleao? Are you back from boarding school?

Cleao: Majic?

Orphen: Someone you know?

Majic: We went to the same elementary school, but we were in different grades. But, more importantly Master, do you know her?

Orphen: No, among my acquaintances there isn't anyone who would point a sword at someone in such an ill-mannered fashion.

Cleao: Who did you say was ill-mannered?! Who is?! I won't be called that by someone who peeps at others' nakedness! But that I let a man like that steal my heart even for a Teishiteinient ... I feel so ashamed of myself. I guess I don't have an eye for men.

Orphen: There's been a misunderstanding. I wasn't peeping.

Cleao: You peeped! You peeped! You peeped! You peeped! Be honest and admit it! Liars don't die a decent death, you know. My dead father said so.

Orphen: So I don't think he said to just wave a sword in front of a person, and slice them dead with out so much as a by-your-leave. And also, listen well, I'm telling you straight up. I wasn't peeping. To begin with I don't do things like that. And even if I did, I wouldn't peep at something like that.

Cleao: Something like that? Something like what?! And what is that in your hand, anyway?!

Orphen: Bad!

Majic: Master!

Cleao: So you were peeping after all! Geez!

Orphen: Calm down. It was an accident. While I was looking around with these, I just happened to see you. It's because Majic brought these with him.

Majic: That's not fair, making it my fault.

Cleao: Prepare yourself! Even though I may not look like it, I was on the first string of the Fencing Club!

Orphen: That sword is ... Hey, you!

Cleao: Really, you're so squirrely.

Orphen: Geez, what a troubled kid!

Cleao: A chance!

Majic: Master!

Orphen: Majic.

Majic: Yes?

Orphen: Take her and stay in the mansion. Don't come out at all. Understand?! It's okay. Get going. That's an order.

Majic: Right.

Childman: That is ... It seems that it has come.

Cleao: That is...

Majic: What could...

Dortin: Bloody August has come!

Cleao: Did you say, 'Bloody August?'

Volcan: What's this 'Brassier Orchestra' thing?

Dortin: You don't know, big brother? Following tumultrous skies, when the lightning of darkness strikes the Earth, will appear the one steeped in the blood of August, once again the murders to repeat. The lightning of darkness ... In short, that black lightning is a warning that It is on its way.

Cleao: I've heard of that too. Years ago in August, a monster suddenly appeared, destroying cities across te continent.

Majic: What is Master planning to do?

Orphen: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

Cleao: Is that Bloody August?

Majic: They're just some ghosts. They are the underlings of Bloody August.

Orphen: 'Guide me, O Starling of Death!' It's here! I've waited a year for you! No, for the five years since I left the Tower, I've searched for you. Azalie!

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