- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 2

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Japanese Script

Orphen: It's here! I've waited a year for you! No, for five years since I left the Tower, I've searched for you. Azalie!

Majic: Master?

Dortin: He's talking to Bloody August!

Volcan: What is that sorcerer doing?

Cleao: Azalie? Is that a woman's name?

Orphen: Azalie! It's me! Do you understand? The sword of Baltanders is right here, but I can't give it to you. This won't save you! So please sleep for a while.

Dortin: I wonder if Bloody August can understand human speech?

Cleao: Forget that, what is he talking about?

Volcan: That sorcerer is just that kind of guy. He has this habit of talking to a lot of different things.

Dortin: All lies.

Orphen: Azalie!

Orphen: 'Spin around me, Armor of Ice!'

Majic: Bloody August used fire magic!

Cleao: It can use magic? Wow!

Orphen: Stop it, Azalie! Have you forgotten me? I don't have the will to fight. Please stop, Azalie!

Volcan: Good going, Monster! That black sorcerer is a horrible lawbreaker! For the sake of the worl, for the sake of humanity, fry him in that nice fire!

Dortin: I can't believe he said that, just because he owes him money.

Majic: Master...

Volcan: What are you doing, black sorcerer?! Your lousy magic is the only thing that can rid us of that monster! Fight for real already!

Dortin: Big brother, what you've been saying doesn't make sense.

Cleao: Hey, look! Look! It's coming this way!

Majic: This isn't the time to get happy, Cleao.

Volcan: Sir Orphen, please try harder!

Orphen: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

Volcan: That lame sorcerer! He missed!

Majic: No, he missed on purpose.

Orphen: 'Dance around me, Towers Of Heaven!'

Orphen: 'Bring peace, Sleep of Atonement!'

Volcan: He did it!

Cleao: Wow, that peeping tom is amazing!

Majic: You're wrong. That is a magic of binding.

Cleao: Binding?

Majic: Master plans to capture Bloody August.

Cleao: Why do something like that? He should just hurry up and beat it!

Orphen: A little more ... just a little more...

Orphen: This is... Azalie. Azalie, don't go! Please don't go!

Childman: She got away. Hartia, you watch the mansion. I shall return to the Tower of Fangs.

Hartia: Yes.

Majic: Master!

Cleao: Mister Peeping Tom!

Majic: Are you all right, Master?

Volcan: Turning Bloody August back took some kind of magic! I've changed my mind about you, black sorcerer. But only as muc as the tip of my pinky!

Orphen: It wasn't me. That was Childman's work.

Majic: Childman? Childman, the continent's ultimate black sorcerer from the Tower of Fangs?

Orphen: If he didn't do such unnecessary ... I've waited a year, you know! For this day...

Bagaup: Well, well, that was awful.

Mariabelle: I've finished.

Orphen: Thank you, I'll do the rest myself. 'Heal that which is mine, Spirit of Healing Light.'

Cleao: Well, now that we're done tending your wounds, you can explain the situation.

Orphen: There's nothing for me to talk about.

Volcan: Don't toy with us! Everyone who was there saw you talking to that monster!

Orphen: Shut up.

Volcan: Are you friends with that monster then? A cross between a rotten dragon and a wild bear dropped from a cliff? A covered with sewage water kind of monst...

Orphen: I told you to shut up, didn't I?!

Cleao: Wait a minute, you! What's with your attitude? After making such a big scene in front of someone else's home.

Volcan: She's right! She's right!

Cleao: You can't just not tell us anything!

Volcan: That's right! That's right!

Majic: Well, Master, maybe, the mon... I mean Bloody August came for that sword?

Orphen: That's right.

Majic: I thought so.

Orphen: I found out that te Sword of Baltanders was here a year ago. I knew it would be dangerous to leave it here, so I asked for it. But I was refused.

Cleao: Refused? By who?

Teishiteini: By me.

Cleao: Mother!

Teishiteini: Your father bought this from an antique store for your fifteenth birthday, Cleao. I could not do such a thing as sell it.

Cleao: Now that you mention it, it seems like I'd heard something like that before. Yes, I had!

Majic: Your grammar doesn't make much sense, Cleao.

Dortin: I see. That's why you had us watch that sword.

Volcan: How could you keep so silent about such dangerous circumstances?! Hey, you black sorcerer, you! There's a limite to senselesssness!

Dortin: So for a year, you awaited the coming of Bloody August outside the mansion.

Cleao: Then, it wasn't like you were looking at my big sister, or even peeping at me while I changed!

Mariabelle: Oh dear...

Majic: I didn't know. I didn't know there was such a deep reason for Master's peeping.

Orphen: As long as that sword exists, it will definitely come again. Will you let me have the sword?

Teishiteini: Yes.

Cleao: What?! You're going to let him have it?! That's not any fun!

Teishiteini: What are you saying, Cleao? I do not want that frightening thing visiting again.

Cleao: Yes.

Elder One: Is that so? Even Childman could not defeat it?

Elder Two: A missed chance to correct the one mistake that could destroy the Tower, but nothing is impossible for us. To protect the honor of the Tower of Fangs, we must have that life. Azalie, there is no hope for you.

Lai: You have returned, Master Childman?

Childman: Lai. I saw Krylancelo.

Lai: Krylancelo? How was he doing?

Childman: He hasn't changed a bit in five years.

Majic: You're taking the Sword of Baltanders and leaving on a journey tomorrow?

Orphen: Yes, it's bad enough if I'm the only one attacked, you know.

Cleao: Waht an honorable thing, especially coming from a peeping tom.

Orphen: My name is Orphen!

Cleao: Then, Orphen the Peeping Tom.

Orphen: So, that's going to stick with me forever? Well, that's okay, because I'll never see you again.

Cleao: I wonder about that?

Orphen: Wat's with that face?!

Cleao: Hey, hey, Orphen, as a parting gift, could you answer just this one question? Well ... Do you know Bloody August? Why were you waiting for it? Why did you try to bind it instead of fighting it? You called it 'Azalie.' What's that about? And then ... well...

Orphen: Stop! That's against the contract. There's only supposed to be one question. See you later.

Majic: Master, I have a question too. Why ... Why does Bloody August want that sword?

Orphen: It wants to be sliced apart by this sword. Its own heart.

Majic: It's really true! Master really fought an equal battle with Bloody August. I wish you could have seen Master's big show too, Father! It wasn't a lie that he was from the Tower of Fangs, after all! So, it's okay, right, Father? If I go on a training journey with Master?

Bagaup: If you really have talent, then I won't stop you, but ... How is it, Orphen? How is he at this point?

Orphen: I don't think this is going to be a happy-go-lucky kind of trip. From here on out, it's not a game.

Bagaup: Welcome.

Orphen: Hartia?!

Bagaup: What'll you have?

Hartia: One Orphen, take out.

Hartia: Its been five years, hasn't it, Krylancelo? You seem well. I'm glad.

Orphen: I'm Orphen. I'm no longer Krylancelo.

Hartia: That's right. You've changed quite a bit. No, well, but if you desire it, the Tower of Fangs will always await a sorcerer as great as you. It seems there's something you wish to say.

Orphen: Yes, I do! Tell this to Childman! Don't get in my way again! If he hadn't put in his unwantd two cents, then I could have bound Azalie!

Hartia: If it could be bound, then it would have been so long since.

Orphen: What?

Hartia: If nothing else, then it's too much for you.

Orphen: So ... Kill it?

Hartia: Orphen, where is the Sword of Baltanders?

Orphen: Who knows?

Hartia: Hand the sword over to the Tower of Fangs, and have no further contact with her. Don't make the Tower of Fangs your enemy! That is for your sake also.

Orphen: And if I say I don't want to?

Hartia: Azalie will appear for that sword again. Even if you wield it, you won't be able to save her.

Orphen: Save? Save, you say? Don't make me laugh! You don't even want to save her! It's just me! I'm the only one who wants to save Azalie! Just me!

Hartia: Orphen ... Orphen, I think of you as a true friend.

Orphen: I think so too.

Hartia: You're tired. It would be good for you to rest a while. In a hospital bed.

Orphen: Go ahead and try! If you think you can!

Hartia: 'O, Darkness!'

Orphen: 'Sword of light, whom I do release!'

Dortin: Come to think about it, why do I have to do something like this? Big brother is the one in debt and the one who wants the loan paid is that sorcerer. What am I, then?

Volcan: Yes, yes. I understand, Dortin. I really understand how you feel. The real bad guy is that runny-nose sorcerer! Be afraid! Someday I'll strangle you to death from afar!

Dortin: There's no way you'd win.

Volcan: Insolence!

Mariabelle: I'm so silly, making mistaken assumptions on no basis at all. I guess there was no red string between that person and myself.

Cleao: Yes, yes. No red string and no relation. I'm relieved that he's gone.

Mariabelle: I shall continue to pray for his happiness, and I will give him up.

Cleao: Yes, yes. It's better if you think of it as a bad dream, and forget about it.

Mariabelle: Even if I went with him, I'd just be a bother.

Cleao: Yes, yes. To begin with, you live in different worlds.

Mariabelle: My, you think so too, Cleao?

Cleao: Of course! Like you'd go even if he asked. Never!

Mariabelle + Cleao: Yes?

Dortin: Excuse me!

Volcan: We've gathered the travel goods Miss Cleao requested of us.

Mariabelle: Travel?

Cleao: Yes ... Well ... That is ...

Volcan: That sorcerer is staying at the hotel tonight, and tomor...

Mariabelle: Cleao, you can't possibly...

Cleao: You found me out, but you see... It seems like it'd be a whole bunch of fun to go with him, doesn't it?

Volcan: What's that?

Orphen: The Hand of Darkness, is it? Where is he? Where are you? 'Blade of Satan, whom I call forth!'

Orphen: This is just how Hartia planned it. 'Cloak me, Steps of the Sorcerer!' There you are!

Hartia: Such is Master Childman's favored pupil.

Orphen: As is Childman's right arm.

Hartia: How ironic ... That we should be here like this when we polished our art under the same Master.

Orphen: I'm not in the mood to hear your laments. Here I come, Hartia!

Hartia: Come!

Hartia: This is ...

Orphen: It can't be!

Majic: Master!

Orphen: Majic...

Majic: Master! It's terrible! Cleao! Cleao and Miss Mariabelle!

Orphen: What?! Damn!

Childman: What? Bloody August?

Lai: Yes.

Childman: Hartia, why did you leave the mansion? I suspected this might happen when I left you there.

Lai: Master!

Childman: Bloody August is not an ordinary sorcerous mosnter. It is the ultimate monster, with human intelligence. Most probably, no trace of Azalie's reason and conscience are left in it. All it has is the instinct to return to its former self. But, because of that, its power is immeasurable.

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