- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 3 - Friends, Come Together On Our Journey

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Japanese Script

Orphen: This is...

Teishiteini: Mariabelle, Cleao... What's the meaning of this? You told me, didn't you? That if I gave you the sword there would be no danger! Give them back! Give me back my children! Please!

Majic: Master...

Orphen: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

Majic: Stop!

Orphen: So she wants to trade the two of them for the Sword of Baltanders. Azalie!

Bagaup: Here, the usual.

Orphen: Thanks.

Majic: Say, Master, weren't those words on the wall written in the code used by sorcerers?

Orphen: Yeah.

Majic: I thought so. Are the girls all right?

Orphen: Probably, yeah.

Majic: Probably? But that's... That's...

Orphen: This is its goal. Until this is in its hands, it probably won't kill them.

Majic: But where are they?

Orphen: That has nothing to do with you! If you have that much free time, why don't you do something to help out your old man?

Majic: Master, where are you going?

Orphen: I'm turning in for the night!

Volcan: Why in the world do we have to clean up after him?!

Dortin: There's no helping it, big brother. This is our job, and because we're working like this, we're able to pay back the debt.

Volcan: Why is it, Dortin? Why did I borrow from a guy who doesn't shed blood or even tears? Why?

Dortin: I don't know! Besides, you're the one in debt, big brother!

Volcan: Wat are you saying?! We two are one and the same! So my debt is your debt. Isn't that right?!

Dortin: But that's not...

Teishiteini: Cleao, Mariabelle, please, somehow be all right. No matter what it takes I, your mother, will definitely save you.

Volcan: Madame... I have something very important to tell you.

Teishiteini: Yes?

Cleao: Where am I? That's right, we... Big sister! Big sister! Big sister, hang on! Big sister!

Mariabelle: Cleao, what's wrong? You look so worried.

Cleao: You do realize, we've been kidnapped by Bloody August?

Mariabelle: Now that you mention it...

Cleao: Geeze... It seems Bloody August isn't here, so we better get out now.

Mariabelle: It's all right. I'm sure he will come to rescue us.

Cleao: How can you come to that conclusion? For one thing, there's no reason why Orphen would come to rescue us. Wat is all this?!

Mariabelle: Say, Cleao, why do you think this room is so uneven?

Cleao: There's no way I could know... This is... Where I met Orphen for the first time.

Majic: Master? You aren't going alone?!

Orphen: I'm going to save them. I can't han this over to Bloody August.

Majic: But you don't even know where they are!

Orphen: I have an idea. I don't think it's likely that it's carrying them around with it.

Majic: Master! You promised, didn't you? That you would teach me magic!

Orphen: Have I ever broken a promise?

Majic: No!

Orphen: So, could you lend me a hand, Majic?

Hartia: Away!

Hartia: Were are you planning to go, Krylancelo? Have you forgotten? I've always been good at tag. Now, give me the Sword of Baltanders. Krylancelo!

Hartia: Away!

Majic: It went well, didn't it, Master?

Orphen: Yeah. He's always been pathetic at hide and seek. See you!

Dortin: Are you okay, big brother?

Volcan: There's no way I'd be okay, is there? I'll kill you with a lullaby!

Dortin: But there's no way to climb up something like this!

Volcan: Insolence! There's someone who saw the black lightning fall over there! I'm not wrong! That monster came this way!

Dortin: So there's no reason for us to go!

Volcan: What are you saying?! If we save her daughters, then the reward mony will come rolling in! With it we can repay that sorcerer, and kill him with an entrance exam!

Childman: 'Assume thy true form!' The ruins of Kohan...

Volcan: I thought I'd die...

Dortin: It's because you went crazy in a place like that, big brother.

Volcan: What did you say? It's because you...

Dortin: Big brother!

Volcan: What is it... What's going on here?

Dortin: Big brother, this is the aftermath of lightning! It came this way after all!

Volcan: Great! Great! See, what I say is always right, isn't it?

Dortin: Then, Cleao and her sister are here too?

Volcan: I can't be wrong! Soon we'll be able to say goodbye to our days of unjust suffering! Now, towards the setting sun...!

Cleao: Big sister, go for it! Just a little more! But don't look down! Not down! Big sister, hurry!

Mariabelle: That's easy enough to say, but...

Cleao: Big sister!

Mariabelle: Cleao!

Cleao: Orphen... I can't hold on any longer! Orphen!

Volcan: Miss, you're safe now.

Volcan: You!

Orphen: You okay? Really, you try too hard. Couldn't you wait until I got here?

Mariabelle: I'm so sorry.

Cleao: Why are you acting so big? We didn't even expect you to come!

Orphen: Is that so? It's coming. Hurry up and get away.

Cleao: What? But...

Orphen: Don't make me say the same thing twice.

Mariabelle: Cleao...

Orphen: So, you want this, do you? Azalie! 'Bring peace, Sleep of Atonement!' I'm sorry, Azalie. I promose you that one day I will return you to your true human form, by wielding the Sword of Baltanders.

Orphen: 'Spin around me, Armor of Ice!' Come out! It's you, isn't it, Childman?

Childman: Its been a while, Krylancelo.

Orphen: You both still want Azalie's life!

Childman: The command of the Tower of Fangs is absolute.

Orphen: What command? It's only your precious honor, isn't it?

Childman: That's right.

Orphen: Look, I've bound Azalie. She'll not harm anyone again. This way allows you to maintain your precious honor too, right?!

Childman: You don't understand anything. Whom did you say you've bound? 'Sphere of Luminescence!'

Orphen: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

Childman: Idiot...

Orphen: Azalie! Azalie! You understand now, don't you? The power buried in the sword can't yet be controlled by you or me! That sword can't return you to your true form! Wait, Azalie!

Childman: Just as usual, right, Krylancelo? It seems you've learned nothing these last five years.

Orphen: I will return Azalie to her true human form.

Hartia: You will leave it at that?

Childman: The circumstances dictate we have no other choice. We will return, and rework our strategy. 'To the Other Side!'

Orphen: Majic, we're going soon.

Majic: Yes, Master!

Orphen: Old man, are you sure it's okay? To let the likes of me care for Majic?

Bagaup: Don't worry about it, Orphen. It's the path Majic has chosen for himself.

Majic: That's right! The only reason you're able to go on a journey like this is because my father's paying my tuition. Right?

Bagaup: Yeah, be well, Majic.

Majic: You too, Father.

Orphen: See you, old man.

Majic: What'll we do from here, Master?

Orphen: Well, maybe we'll chase Volcan and company, who ran off with the sword.

Majic: Oh yeah, those two made it seem like they rescued Cleao and her sister, and tried to get some money for it.

Orphen: Really, they're shameless. Which reminds me, why don't you come out soon?

Cleao: Hi!

Majic: Cleao, why?

Cleao: Well, you know... The sword! Against my will, I have to go on a journey to regain my father's sword!

Majic: Cleao...

Cleao: Because ... Because that sword's a valuable Teishiteiniento of my father! I really, really have to have it back!

Orphen: Well, isn't that nice?

Cleao: But that's just as expected of a sorcerer, isn't it? When did you find me out?

Orphen: The middle of last night.

Cleao: What? What? You won't make me go home, will you?

Orphen: Who knows?

Cleao: If you do, I'll tell everyone you're a perverted sorcerer who peeped at me!

Orphen: You're still mad about that? I'll have you know, even if I saw those things, I...

Cleao: "Those things?"

Orphen: Hard to breath!

Cleao: I'm so sorry! So, I'm flat and there's nothing interesting to see?!

Majic: Cleao, calm down! It's dangerous if you go crazy like that!

Cleao: Hey, apologize already!

Orphen: You're stubborn!

Cleao: I'm never forgiving you!

Majic: I'm saying it's dangerous!

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