- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 4 - Guardian of the Garden

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Japanese Script

Majic: What's wrong, Cleao? You've been sighing the whole time.

Cleao: It's so boring. Its been a week since we began our journey, but nothing's happened. Say, Orphen, why don't we get in the hiking mood and climb some mountains every once in a while?

Orphen: The Mountains of Kahna? Nope. Tat place is kind of a pain, so we'll take the low road.

Cleao: Really! It's so boring! You can't dress up on a journey, and you don't eat tasty things. If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn't have come along.

Orphen: Then go home! I don't remember ever asking you to come with us.

Cleao: What?! Cheapskate!

Orphen: You know...

Majic: Oh, that's right! I just remembered something good!

Cleao: What? What?

Majic: If I remember correctly, there's a solar eclipse tomorrow.

Cleao: You can see an eclipse anywhere!

Orphen: That's not entirely correct, you know. Tomorrow's special. No matter what you say, it's an annular (annual?) eclipse.

Majic: An annular eclipse? I can't wait!

Orphen: It's something you don't get to see often.

Majic: That's so true!

Orphen: You've never seen one before, Majic?

Majic: No, I've never seen one before.

Orphen: That so?

Cleao: Really! What's with the two of you getting so excited?

Orphen: Then you must be excited, right?

Cleao: Are you planning on leaving me behind?!

Majic: Master, of course you've seen...

Orphen: Jeez...

Majic: Why do I have to do stuff like this? She must be happy. That's it!

Orphen: Where's Majic?

Majic: 'Intense Light that I do create!'

Majic: Master!

Orphen: Refracting light?

Majic: I ... Nothing like that! Really, I had no intention...

Orphen: An original incantation? That's pretty good.

Majic: No, well, it wasn't all that...

Orphen: I wasn't praising you!

Cleao: You saw, didn't you? You two are so...

Majic: Sorry, Cleao!

Cleao: Unforgivable! Hey! Majic, apologize!

Majic: That's why I said "Sorry!"

Cleao: You said "Sorry", but...

Orphen: That majic...

Majic: It's not like...

Orphen: It's supposed to take five years to be able to use magic normally. This is no joke! At this rate, I won't be able to charge tuition starting next year!

Cleao: Really!

Majic: Save me!

Cleao: Orphen, did you make this?

Orphen: Yeah, well...

Majic: But Master, weren't you looking for a can opener earlier?

Cleao: I can't believe it! How do you cook canned food to make it taste like this?!

Orphen: You're so noisy! Then don't eat it, and hurry on to sleep! We're up early tomorrow too, you know? Jeez, complaining about dinner wen we have to hurry.

Cleao: Say, Orphen, if we have to hurry so much, don't you think it'd be faster going over the mountain?

Orphen: I don't think so, and I said we weren't going over the mountain.

Cleao: Cheap! Cheap! Cheapskate! Would it hurt you to let us climb a mountain?!

Majic: Come to think of it, you did say something this afternoon. Something about Mount Kahlna being a pain, or something?

Orphen: It's a legendary mountain of evil. And to top it off, they say fearsome beasts have lived there since the beginning of time. No one has ever come close to them.

Majic: Could it be, Master, that you're scared?

Orphen: Don't say dumb things! Me? I'd defeat the beasts, an receive the Golden Blessing.

Cleao: Defeat the beasts, and receive the Golden Blessing? Golden Blessing? What's that?! What's that?! I don't know why, but that sounds really fun! Let's go! It's decided then! Tomorrow's the start of an adventure together!

Orphen: That's why I'm saying we're not going.

Cleao: What? What? Are you really scared then? Orphen the Cowardly!

Orphen: It's a pain! If you want to go so badly, then go yourself!

Majic: Oh, no.

Orphen: That! "Please don't look for us. -Cleao." Jeez ... They're hopeless.

Volcan: My stomach's so empty!

Dortin: Let's turn back after all, big brother! My hands already hurt!

Volcan: What are you saying after we've come all this way, Dortin?! Remember the legend! Have you forgotten our supreme mission?

Dortin: That thing?! You decided that all by yourself, big brother!

Volcan: Get them before they get you! If I don't get them, then who will? My glorious self is going to be receiving the Golden Blessing!

Majic: Why do I have to be dragged along on your adventure, Cleao?

Cleao: It's your punishment for yesterday.

Majic: Somehow this seems more than what my crime was worth.

Cleao: Did you say someting?

Majic: Nothing really!

Cleao: If you keep muttering, Orphen will catch up!

Majic: I understand already.

Cleao: What?

Majic: No clue.

Dortin: Let's give up already, big brother!

Volcan: Idiot, can you give up the Golden Blessing!

Cleao: You two!

Volcan: Why are you here?

Cleao: Us? We set off on a journey with Orphen, right?

Volcan: Then, that second-rate sorcerer is here too?

Cleao: Right now we're going separate ways. More importantly, that Golden Blessing you were talking about, tell us about it in more detail.

Volcan: Like I'd tell you about that?

Majic: The Sword of Baltanders!

Cleao: Give that back, thief! That's a keepsake from my father!

Volcan: This is now ... mine ...

Majic: Isn't that nice, Cleao? Now you can finally go home.

Volcan: What?

Cleao: It's my very important sword, but I'll leave it in your care. You'll take good care of it, won't you?

Volcan: If I have to. Since you beg so much, then I could take care ... I shall humbly care for it.

Cleao: I won't allow you to exchange it for money!

Volcan: Of course not, ma'am!

Cleao: Then, it's decided!

Volcan: This has to be where the beasts live. Here I go! That we are here now, together, is because of the strength of my natural benevolence! Let's combine our strengths and defeat the beasts, and together we shall receive that Golden Blessing or whatever.

Dortin: That's a pretty weird thing for you to say, big brother.

Volcan: Stupid, as soon as we get the Blessing, we're going to break away from them.

Dortin: I thought it'd be something like that after all.

Cleao: Hey, we've come pretty far. When are the beasts supposed to appear anyway?

Volcan: Well now, they're probably afraid of us, right?

Majic: What they say and what they do just don't mesh.

Volcan: Those beasts! (bats) You're ten years too early to dare challenge me, Volcan Polkano of Mazmaturia!

Majic: They were just regular bats.

Cleao: They ... they just surprised me, is all.

Volcan: You bats! I'll kill every one of you later!

Dortin: Hey, isn't that?

Volcan: It's the exit.

Majic: It's a castle!

Cleao: Do you think someone lives in it?

Majic: No way, it seems pretty old.

Cleao: But this flower garden looks as if someone's been caring for it.

Volcan: I see; I get it! The treasure is in that castle!

Dortin: How do you know?

Volcan: Has there ever been a time when my glorious intuition has been wrong?

Dortin: It' always wrong.

Cleao: Anyway, let's go see.

Cleao: Majic, what are you doing?

Majic: Sorry!

Cleao: Majic!

(Majic is thrown by the Monster of Kahlna)

Majic: Wait! Everyone get back!

Cleao: Majic! Watch out!

Majic: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!' I did it!

Dortin: Sir Majic, are you able to use sorcery?

Majic: Well, a little.

Cleao: You're only an apprentice.

Volcan: Now do you appreciate my stupendous power?!

Dortin: You didn't do it, big brother.

Volcan: Okay, all that's left is to enter the castle and search for treasure!

Cleao: It's still alive!

Majic: That can't be!

Dortin: It seems much angrier than it was.

Volcan: You lousy sorcerer! It's because you used some half-baked magic! Do something!

Majic: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!' 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

(The spell sets Volcan's hair on fire, instead!)

Dortin + Cleao: Close.

Volcan: What did you say?

Majic: It's no use! Run!

Cleao: It looks like it's okay now.

Majic: I wonder why it didn't chase us inside?

Cleao: Say, I didn't notice earlier, but there's a road over there.

Majic: You're right. I wonder what that manikin is?

Orphen: I thought so. Huh? Are you the legendary monster, then? Don't worry. You worked hard. Pleasant dreams.

Dortin: Big brother, there isn't any treasure anywhere.

Volcan: Damn, where in the world is it hidden?

Cleao: How long do we have to stay here? And what is Orphen doing anyway?

Majic: But Cleao, you were the one who left a note saying, "Please don't look for us."

Cleao: So? And he's really not coming? Don't you think that's messed up?

Majic: You're so confusing.

Volcan: Hey! How about it? What's the enemy doing?

Cleao: Caring for the flowers, as usual.

Majic: Maybe ... What if it's protecting the flower garden? Then, if we don't enter the garden, it won't attack.

Cleao: If we take that road...

Majic: Yes, we might be able to get away!

Volcan: Okay, let's go!

Majic: It's just as I thought. It's not attacking.

Cleao: I'm so glad.

Volcan: You old jalopy, I'll defeat you now! You! You!

Dortin: That's awfully petty, big brother.

Monster of Kahlna bats Volcan and Dortin into the sky.

Cleao: Oh dear, let's leave well enough alone.

Majic: Wait, what's this about? I don't understand, but let's get away!

Majic: 'Sword of Light, whom I do...'

Orphen: 'Release!'

Cleao: Orphen!

Majic: Master, you came, didn't you?

Cleao: It's still moving! Hurry up and kill it!

Orphen: There's no need for that.

Orphen removes a flower from Cleao's jacket and hands it over to the Kahlna Guardian.

Cleao: It was really a kind manikin, wasn't it?

Volcan: That manikin! I'll break up this dam, and show it something worth seeing!

Dortin: It's no good, big brother! If you do that, the flower garden will be flooded!

Volcan: Remember the legend. The monster is definitely that thing. So if we defeat it, then the treasure will be ours!

Dortin: Don't!

Volcan: Here I go, Dortin!

Dortin is launched from a catapult into the dam, causing it to shatter!

Majic: Volcan!

Cleao: Dortin!

Orphen: Those two! 'Silence of the Angels that I shatter!'

Majic: Three hundred years ago?

Orphen: Yes, they say this flower garden was created by the castle's owner, a being from Heaven. And that he ordered the mechanical manikins to protect the garden.

Majic: A being from Heaven? Who, or what, was that?

Orphen: What we call, in general, the ancient sorcerers. They were able to use unbelievably powerful magics.

Majic: Then, that the manikin is working even now, is...

Orphen: Well, it seems even they are starting to show wear and tear.

Cleao: What about the Golden Blessing? It was just a rumor. How boring.

Orphen: No, it's not entirely a rumor. It should begin soon.

Majic: The annular eclips is about to begin!

Cleao: That's the Golden Blessing? Wow! Beautiful!

Azalie's speech is a memory.

Azalie: ... and those flowers bloom only during the annular solar eclipse. I'll see it someday. You say with you, Krylancelo? Okay, definitely then. A promise.

Orphen: A promise?

Majic: How long do you think they'll go on protecting it? The flower garden that no one's left to see?

Orphen: To a mechanical manikin their master's orders are absolute, their everything. So, eternally, until they can no longer move.

Cleao: Eternally, by themselves. Aren't they lonely?

Orphen: If they have those kinds of feelings, I guess so. That's right! So then, why don't you stay here? You did say you were tired of journeying, right?

Cleao: That's not true. I've decided to come along with you.

Orphen: Hey, what?

Cleao: After all, I don't think I'll be bored if I'm with you, Orphen.

Majic: Master, please don't leave me behind!

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