- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 5 - Curse of Wolves Part I

    This page will contain a script comparing the English and Japanese versions' dialogue. We may not have both up at the same time but are working on it. Breaks indicate a new scene. If the character's speech is in two consecutive lines it is because the second line was a period of time after the first.

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Japanese Script

Majic: Delicious! (Water)

Fiena: Who's there?

Majic: Sorry! I didn't mean to surprise you! Don't run! I'm Majic. I'm on a journey with my master.

Fiena: From the outside world?

Majic: Outside world?

Orphen: Majic's late.

Majic: I'm not, you know, a suspicious person.

Villager: Quiet, sorcerer!

Majic: Well, I'm still an apprentice. But how did you know that I was a sorcerer?

Villager Two: This forest is our forest! It's not a place for a sorcerer like you to come!

Majic: I was only looking for food.

Villager Three: We kill all sorcerers!

Majic: Wait a minute! I think you should watch out for what's above your heads.

Villagers: You!

Majic: Now or never! 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!' It worked!

Batrov: Your magic, or my gun's trigger. Wonder which one's faster? You sorcerer!

Orphen: Did you hear something just now?

Cleao: Don't act so nonchalant! Hurry up and do something about these guys!

(They're surrounded by weapon-wielding villagers)

Villager: Herr Batrov!
    (* Herr is a title used in Germany, showing respect in the same manner that 'Sir' or 'Mr.' is used.)

Majic: Master...

Batrov: If you're anticipating help, don't count on it. My men are on their way to dispatch the rest of the sorcerers. Go to Hell, just ahead of the rest.

Fiena: You mustn't!

Villager: Lady Fiena!

Fiena: Please release him.

Villager: But he's a sorcerer!

Villager Two: Sorcerers are enemies of the village.

Fiena: It's all right. He isn't the type of person who would harm the village.

Batrov: But the law is the law. No matter what the reason, anyone who sets foot in this forest shall be executed.

Villagers: Yeah! That's right! That's right!

Fiena: You mean to say that you cannot heed my words?

Batrov: We are bound not to disobey the words of Lady Fiena. But it's dangerous to let him go. We'll take him back, and confine him.

Cleao: Dragon Faith?

Orphen: Obviously, they really don't care for sorcerers, so I'm sure I'm not mistaken. This forest is where the Dragon Faith's village is hidden.

Cleao: Well, I guess it's only natural that they dislike you, after the way you treat them so horribly.

Orphen: You too.

Cleao: But why do those of the Dragon Faith dislike sorcerers?

Orphen: I've told you wat the Dragon Tribe is like before, haven't I?

Cleao: The tribe that stole the power of magic from the gods long ago right?

Orphen: They fought a fierce battle with the followers of the gods, and then made this continent, Kielsalhima, their home.

Cleao: People received the magical power from the Wheeled Dragon, right?

Orphen: Right. With the interbreeding of the Dragon Tribe and humans, a unique people, the sorcerers, came into being. People, though not of the Dragon Tribe, able to use magic. A number of the Dragon Tribe don't think well of us sorcerers.

Cleao: Why?

Orphen: Who knows? But a long time ago the Dragon Tribe bestowed weapons made of magic on humanity, in an effort to destroy the sorcerers. Those soldiers are their descendents.

Cleao: Sounds like a complex situation.

Orphen: Looks like they took Majic.

Cleao: Orphen, come here!

Orphen: It's blood.

Batrov: Seems I've awakened you. What are you? What did you come to find out?

Majic: What in the world...

Batrov: Don't play dumb! As if there is such thing as a sorcerer who would dare come near the Dragon Faith Village without a reason!

Majic: Dragon Faith?

Batrov: Speak!

Villager: Herr Batrov, I've brought them!

Majic: Volcan! Dortin!

Volcan: This isn't the right one, Herr Batrov. This one can't even learn magic properly. He's just a loser.

Dortin: How sad. He's in such poor condition.

Volcan: The other one, Orphen, he's a really evil sorcerer. I can't begin to tell you how often he's made attempts on my life!

Majic: Such lies!

Volcan: So, that's that. You can release us about now.

Batrov: Hurry up and return to work!

Orphen: Deep Dragon... I already regret stepping into this village.

Cleao: Is it that bad a place?

Orphen: Among those of the Dragon Faith, the inhabitants of this village may have the most skill in battle.

Cleao: What will you do?

Orphen: First, let's wait for night.

Villager: Lady Fiena, what brings you to a place like this?

Fiena: Please leave this place.

Villager: But Herr Batrov...

Fiena: Quickly!

Villager: Yes!

Majic: You?

(Fiena begins to heal Majic)

Majic: The pain is fading as if it were a lie.

Fiena: Please forgive the villagers. They did naught but follow the Law of the Dragon.

Majic: The Law of the Dragon?

Fiena: It is (the mark on her chest) the sign of the priestesses who serve the dragon.

Majic: I see. Your power is something bestowed by a Dragon. A priestess? But... Smiles suit you better.

Batrov: This is a problem. You cannot do as you wish in this place. Please return to the temple.

Majic: Your name is?

Fiena: Fiena...

Majic: Fiena...

Villager: This is the work of the other sorcerer.

Batrov: Increase the watch. He may have already reached the village.

Villager: You go too!

Villager(s): Yes!

Batrov: So you're looking for me after all, sorcerer.

Cleao: Stupid Orphen! Why do I have to stay behind when it's beginning to look interesting? I don't agree at all, really! ... Who's there?!

Villager: What are you doing?!

Majic: I'm dragon a pentagram!

Villager: A pentagram?

Majic: Yes! With this I'm going to summon a monster from the magic world, and then it's going to break the iron bars.

Villager: Quit it! Such willfulness is not permitted! You!

Majic: It was a lie, a lie. There's no way I could use a pentagram.

Majic: It's me, me!

Fiena: Majic! How did you...

Majic: Well, I wanted to talk to you.

Villager: Lady Fiena, I heard a scream?

Fiena: It's nothing. I just dropped a vase, and so ... Now, now, I'll clean it up. Please rest now.

Villager: Is that so? Should you need something, call upon me at any time.

Fiena: Yes.

Villager: Then by your leave...

Fiena: Goodnight.

Majic: Saved! You finally laughed...

Cleao: Paw! Again! Beg! I like you! From this day on, you're mine.

Majic: And that flower garden, the flowers only bloom every few years during the annular eclipse. Isn't that strange? ... Are you bored?

Fiena: No! Please tell me more! Everything about the outside world that you know, Majic!

Majic: Haven't you ever been outside this village?

Fiena: I just look out at the world outside the window, dreaming of what it could be.

Majic: Let's go then, Fiena! Come with us, into the big world! There are a lot of things you don't know about waiting for you there!

Fiena: Majic ... As a priestess my fate and this village are one. It is not allowed for me to venture outside the village.

Majic: Why?

Fiena: It is the law of the village.

Majic: That's not right! You and the villagers crucified by som strange law!

Fiena: I want to go into the outside world! I want to see it, but ... But I...

Majic: Fiena...

Fiena: Majic, let's end this talk. More importantly, I am worried, about that man they call Batrov.

Majic: Batrov? Who is he?

Fiena: He is a person from the outside world. He brought medicines to this village with no doctor.

Majic: Medicines?

Fiena: Drugs made by something we know nothing about called chemistry. Now the villagers trust him, but...

Majic: But...

Fiena: I feel as though that man will bring strife to our village. I have such an evil premonition.

Orphen: It's gunpowder. Why is something like that in this village?

Volcan: How long do they plan to keep us at this har labor?! I am the glorious Volcan Polkano!

Dortin: I'm just glad that we're alive. What if something horrible happens to that apprentice sorcerer? That awful sorcerer will turn us into teriyaki.

Volcan: Then wondrous me will turn his attack back upon him!

Dortin: You're the wrong one, big brother! Because you let slip that there was a sorcerer near by...

Orphen: Now I see. So that's how the sorcerer hunters arrived with such good timing.

Volcan: Idiot, stupendous me was coerced by some Batrov guy, and confessed it all with a heavy heart! Got a problem with that, do you?!

Orphen: Batrov? I've heard that name...

Dortin: He's a strangely suspicious guy and he's having the villagers make this gunpowder in secret.

Outside Villagers: The sorcerer has escaped! Go find him! After him!

Volcan: Hey, you, stupid sorcerer!

Dortin: These chains?

Orphen: Be grateful you have your lives, at least.

Volcan: That jerk! Damn...

Fiena: Hurry! Go Escape!

Majic: You escape too!

Fiena: Majic, please don't trouble me any further!

Batrov: Bringing a sorcerer into your room. This is a problem, Lady Fiena.

Fiena: Batrov.

Batrov: Sorcerer, I knew I should have finished you off to begin with.

Fiena: Don't!

Majic: Fiena!

Batrov: You're in my way!

Majic: Fiena! Fiena? Fiena?!

Orphen: Yo, Batrov!

Batrov: Who are you?

Majic: Master!

Orphen: He'll kill anything for money. He's a poacher. Isn't that right?

Majic: A poacher?

Orphen: He deals in rare animals. The Tower of Fangs has a warrant out for the arrest of this loser.

Majic: So, that's it! You used the village laws to hide from your pursuers!

Batrov: So, what about it? Whatever my reasons, in this village they kill sorcerers, just like me.

Orphen: You, what are you planning to do with this village? What about that gunpowder?

Batrov: Shut up!

Orphen: 'Breath of an Angel that I let flow!' Now...

Majic: Please wait! I can't leave her in this kind of place.

Cleao: Kidnapping?

Majic: I'll explain later.

Orphen: Let's regroup. We'll deal with Batrov after that ... Cleao, that's...

Cleao: I found him! Isn't he cute?

Orphen: Are you saying that knowing who he is?

Cleao: Not at all.

Orphen: That is Deep Dragon's child.

Cleao: Deep Dragon's?

Majic: You're awake! (Fiena)

Fiena: Majic...

Majic: It's all right. Everyone's on our side ... Fiena? It seems the air's changed!

Orphen: That's it. It's coming.

(The Deep Dragon cub runs away)

Cleao: Wait!

Orphen: Come back, Cleao!

Majic: Master!

Orphen: Deep Dragon...

Batrov: Damn...

Orphen: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!' 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

(Eerie light shines from the Dragon's eyes as Orphen begins to scream in pain!)

Majic: Master! Master... Fiena!

(Fiena shields Orphen from the Dragon's claws!)

Fiena: I beg of you! Please forgive these humans. I beg you!

Majic: Master! Master? Master! Master!

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