- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Episode 6 - Curse of Wolves Part II

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Japanese Script

This scene is a recap from the previous episode.

Orphen: It's coming... Deep Dragon ... 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!' 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

(Eerie light shines from the Dragon's eyes as Orphen begins to scream in pain!)

Majic: Master! Master... Fiena!

(Fiena shields Orphen from the Dragon's claws!)

Fiena: I beg of you! Please forgive these humans. I beg you!

Majic: Master! Master? Master! Master!

Majic: Master? Master!

Fiena: Run, Majic, they will soon come.

Majic: Fiena, what did that dragon do? To my master?

Fiena: There isn't any time. Please! You must escape!

Majic: I can't go and leave my master!

Fiena: I shall take responsibility for him...

Majic: Fiena...

Fiena: Now you shall listen to me, and save yourself. Wait for a chance to save hhim. Tomorrow morn, wait in the forest where we first met. Quickly!

Majic: I leave him in your care!

Cleao: Just ten more minutes. Even five minutes is okay. Okay? Let me sleep.

Villager: It's the wrath of the Deep Dragon. Something awful is about to happen to the village. We should have killed the sorcerer, just as the law states!

Fiena: I shall return that man to the outside world.

Villagers: But that's stupid!

Fiena: Please listen to me! He is not an evil sorcerer trying to bring strife to this village.

Baltrov: Then why did the Deep Dragon appear? It's not a matter of good or bad with a sorcerer. His mere existence is the problem!

Majic: Fiena!

Fiena: Majic!

Majic: My Master?

Fiena: He's safe, but ... the Deep Dragon's psychic attack destroyed his psyche.

Majic: Psychic?

Fiena: If he were a normal sorcerer, his body would have been destroyed too.

Majic: That's...

Fiena: And the villagers are shouting to have the sorcerer killed.

Majic: To kill my master? How awful.

Fiena: I can no longer hold them back. Batrov is prodding them on.

Majic: That Batrov! He's just a wandering poacher.

Fiena: Poacher?!

Majic: Fiena! You are ... Can't you use your power to eal my master?

Fiena: I don't know, because I've never tried. No, it's probably too much for me.

Majic: Listen Fiena, Batrov's even made gunpowder in the village. The only one who can defeat him is my master.

Fiena: Gunpowder?

Majic: I beg you! With your power, please heal my master. I'll help you, too.

Villager: Lady Fiena, it's time! Lady Fiena!

Volcan: Look! Most of the gunpowder is gone.

Dortin: Something's weird here! We haven't seen Batrov or anyone else since morning.

Volcan: Now's our chance! Before they start something!

Dortin: Escape?

Volcan: We're going to reclaim the sword of Baltanders!

Dortin: Big brother...

Volcan: Yeah, yeah! We'll also claim our share of goods for all the work we've done.

Villager: We've dumped the sorcerer in, Lady Fiena.

Fiena: I shall enter your soul.

Batrov: Hurry, we'll carry out our plan while they're excited over the execution of the sorcerer.

Villagers: Hurry up!

Villagers: Don't be so slow!

Villagers: Kill him!

Villagers: Hurry up, and just do it!

Majic: Master!

Villagers: That's not Lady Fiena!

Villagers: He's a fake!

Majic: Fiena!

Orphen: I beg of you, please tell me. Where is this? Who am I? Wait!

Fiena: Orphen...

Orphen: Who are you?

Fiena: I am Fiena.

Orphen: Fiena?

Fiena: Your psyche has been destroyed, and you are now wandering the maze of your memories.

Volcan + Dortin: No way! No way! No way!

Orphen: Water!

Fiena: No, calm your soul! Let me in.

Orphen: She's dead... Where is this?

Fiena: These are my memories.

Orphen: Yours?

Fiena: Now, I shall lead you to the exit. Please, open ... Open your eyes!

Majic: Fiena! Master!

Villagers: The Sorcerer's back from the dead!

Majic: Master! Fiena, thank you!

Fiena: Majic?

Orphen: Listen to what I have to say. The one you trust, Batrov, is a poacher! He'll probably burn down the forest. He plans to capture the offspring of the Deep Dragon!

Villager: Herr Batrov is?

Villager: You lie! It's just lies! As if Herr Batrov...

Fiena: It's true. I've looked into this man's soul. It is not a lie. The one who brings strife to the village is Batrov!

Majic: We're too late!

Cleao: What do you mean by this? Hurry up and let me down!

Batrov: You're my sweet moneymaker. I'll take good care of you. Sister, from now on, you're my woman.

Cleao: Woman?!

Villager: Herr Batrov, I think we've been found out! Let's stop now.

Batrov: What are you saying? Never mind, hurry up and let the rope down.

Villager: I'm quitting!

Villager: Me too!

Batrov: Cowards!

Batrov: Don't move!

(A Deep Dragon's roar echoes throughout the forest!)

Villager: The Dragon is angry...

Batrov: The Dragon's child will sell for a high price! There are a lot of rich people who want him!

Orphen: Quit thinking stupid thoughts! The Dragon's rage will decimate the village.

Batrov: So what? What do I care about this village bound by stupid laws?

Orphen: You!

(Cleao bites Batrov!)

Batrov: You!

Orphen: 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!'

Cleao: I'm so sorry, but this one's mine.

Majic: Fiena?

Fiena: The Dragon didn't forgive me. I am a failure as a priestess.

Majic: We did as much as we could. You risked your life to save my master. I'm grateful.

Fiena: This is the end of this village. Hurry and escape.

Majic: I'll stay here too. I've decided that I'll stay with you.

Fiena: Majic!

Volcan: Hurry up!

Dortin: I'm coming!

Orphen: Wait a minute, you two! Lend me a hand.

Volcan: What? So, you've finally realized my greatness you hellion sorcerer! But don't be so spoiled. Like I'd lend you a ha...

Cleao: Wait! Didn't you already beat him up? Hey!

Batrov: The dragon's child is mine! I won't let anyone else have it!

Dortin: Deep Dragon!

Orphen: That's enough, you guys!

Dortin: Yes!

Volcan: Hey, remember this! I'll have you repay this debt double, you malicious sorcerer! We're going, Dortin!

Dortin: Wait, big brother!

Orphen: 'Tower of Heaven dance around me!' 'Spire of the Sun that I build!'

(These spells are used to transport and detonate gun powder around the approaching dragon!)

Batrov: You, give my dragon back!

Cleao: Orphen! ... What's wrong, Leki?

Orphen: It can't be!

(After a burst of white light the village has been destroyed!)

Orphen: The village disappeared.

Villagers: The village!

Villagers: What's happening?

Villagers: We'll all be killed!

Orphen: It's no good. The scale is too large.

Cleao: Please, if you're a dragon too, then do something. Save us.

Orphen: What?

(A subsequent flash created by Leki drives the Dragons back! He then leaps from Cleao's arms!)

Cleao: Leki! What's with that? Are they talking?

Majic: Fiena! Fiena! Fiena...

Cleao: Did this baby convince the dragons?

Orphen: Probably.

Cleao: Majic!

Majic: Master, Fiena died.

Orphen: She died once before, but she was brought to life again by the power of the Dragon, to serve as a priestess. That's why for er to leave this village meant death.

Majic: Fiena! Fiena? Fiena!

Majic: Majic!

Fiena: The Dragon left me with these words, "Should we be overtaken, then we must capitulate. Even if the master is human."

Orphen: Human?

Fiena: Just like that dragon's child, who chose her.

Orphen: Is that so?

Fiena: It may be because of that dragon's child that the villagers and I were forgiven.

Cleao: Leki, wait!

Orphen: Leki?

Cleao: My baby's name. It's Leki! Now be nice to him!

Orphen: That thing we were talking about? Keep it a secret from her.

Fiena: Sorry, Majic, I can't go with you. I think the Dragon gave me another chance at life so that I may lead the villagers in building a new village.

Majic: You seem pretty determined.

Fiena: Yes.

Majic: I understand. I'll cheer you on from afar!

Fiena: Thank you. I shall not forget you.

Majic: Fiena...

Fiena: Majic!

Orphen: Let's go, Majic!

Majic: Yes, I'm coming right now!

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