- Dragon Magazine: December Issue; 1996

Dragon Magazine: December 1996 Issue
     Volume: ???
     Pages: ???
     Price: 650 Yen

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     This was a single page mixed in with the color images that went over some basic information for the series. Since this is general need-to-know fluff, I thought I'd translate it.

     Q1: Is there a difference between Magic and Sorcery?

     A: There's a huge difference between magic and sorcery.

     Magic refers to the almighty power possessed by the gods, which they've had since the birth of this world. That power is infinite, and seems to be enough to actually create or destroy the world.

     On the other hand, the techniques that were stolen by the Dragon tribe is "Sorcery." The distinctive difference here is that there's always some limit to their magic.

     By the way, there are various kinds of this type of magic. For example, what we call voice magic is the type used by human sorcerers like Orphen. These sorcerers use voice as their medium, but it won't be effective long range as their voice won't reach that far.

     Then, there's Leki, the Deep Dragon.

     The dark magic that these Dragons use manipulates targets using their sight as the medium, but limitations still exist here, as the effect is restricted to their field of vision.

     Incidentally, human magic is purely a case of heredity. As for Orphen, there are records saying that both of his parents were black magic sorcerers.

     Q2: What is the Tower of Fang?

     A: The starting point of Orphen's eventful life.

     First of all, speaking of the "Tower of Fang" in a purely technical sense, it refers to the highest peak of black magic on the continent. Here, children with talent as sorcerers gather from around the continent to train as sorcerers. There's a high concentration of orphans out of the children gathered here.

     Orphen himself was brought to the Tower of Fang from an orphanage, along with Azalie and Tish, at the same time. All three of them are recognized as having genius talent. They underwent training for sorcery under Childman, and sorcerer of amazing strength, even among the teachers. At the time, Orphen was raised as Childman's successor in the art of assassination techniques. But, it seems that there was another reason for this.

     It's also worth noting that the Tower of Fang is shaped like a fang. It's said that it was built by the Heavenly Beings (Nornir) for the sorcerers two hundred years ago, but what it was built for is still a mystery.

     Q3: How does the Dragon tribe differ from normal dragons?

     A: The Dragon Tribe on the continent of Kiesalhima aren't in shapes you'd typically call a dragon. Any creature who exists that can manipulate magic, no matter their shape is a dragon.

     For example, Deep Dragon = Fenrir, which even includes Cleao's pet in this volume. It's a wolf, but can manipulate dark arts of its own using magic.

     Of course, the Wheeled Dragon = Nornir. They're also the dragon tribe who are said to have passed down their magic to human beings by interbreeding. They're also known as Heavenly Beings, but their appearance was of a race of women who looked virtually the same as a normal person, but with vivid green eyes. They also manipulate silence magic using written characters as their medium.

     In that case, could we maybe say that human beings are also dragons, if they have the same power as they do?

     Q4: Why is he (Orphen) a loan shark?

     A: Actually, it's a terribly challenging question. Depending on how you think, you could say that it's the most mysterious question to be asked about Orphen. If he has all of that magical talent, why shouldn't he have a better work polace... Why money lending...

     There was even something in this magazine about the current situation for debt payments. The collection rate was 0, for all that work. Besides, he's been targeted by a killer hired by a commercial vendor, so when you think about it, it's really not worth the trouble. It's more profitable to stand around all day with a donation box (and this has been proven.)

     Anyway, I think it's a mismatched situation that just "isn't suitable with Coggie." After all, she's a dispatched cop. No, he should definitely change jobs, seriously.

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