- Stray Journey: Beast, Answer My Call    Volume 1

Color Pages

Japanese Title: 我が呼び声に応えよ獣

    The Tower of Fang, Orphen's former Sorcery school is pursuing a monster. A dragon who was once Orphen's dearest friend, Azalie. After a magic experiment gone wrong, she was turned into a beast and fled. Now they're hunting the creature, hoping to reclaim the cursed sword said to be at the center of the tragedy.

    Orphen is seeking to save the dragon before it's too late, convinced that she retains her former mind and self. His journey unwittingly involves the Everlasting family, whose former head of the house had been harboring the sword prior to his death. Can he succeed, or will he only become a pawn in the Tower's grand scheme?

Book Chapters:
            - Chapter 0: Prologue
            - Chapter 1: Business Day
            - Chapter 2: Call of Reminiscence
            - Chapter 3: The Revenge of Shrimp Man
            - Chapter 4: Baltanders
            - Chapter 5: 'Hunting' Night
            - Chapter 6: Demon Sorceress
            - Chapter X: Epilogue

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