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Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Stray Journey Volume 1

    A manga series started in 2016 retells the story from the original books, from which it also borrows the name Stray Journey. This series is still ongoing at the time of this page setup, and we'll update it as we go along!

    ISBN: 978-4-04-734528-7
    Released: March 2017
    Price Tag: 680 Yen
    Chapters: 4
    Pages: 169

    In a commercial city in the western part of the continent of Kiesalhima — Totokanta —

    In a cheap hotel in the back of town, Orphen resides in the Bagup Inn, acting as a money lender.

    Volcan, who borrowed money from Orphen, appears before him with a get rich quick scheme to repay his debt.

    Volcan's plan takes him to the house of the leading merchant of Totokanta,

    where an opportunity for destiny awaits Orphen with the Everlasting family—

    Chapter Directory:

    - Chapter 1: Business Day
    - Chapter 2: Call of Reminiscence (1)
    - Chapter 3: Call of Reminiscence (2)
    - Chapter 4: The Revenge Of Shrimp man
    - Chapter 5: Baltanders
    - Chapter 6: Hunting Night (Part 1)
    - Chapter 7: Hunting Night (Part 2)
    - Chapter 8: Hunting Night (Part 3)


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