- The Tower of Fang

    On this page we'll be archiving our updates about official Orphen content. Things like book releases, comic updates, the like. It's not a page for our site updates, those are posted in the change log on the home page.

- Latest Rambling

    We officially have the first chapter of the Origin Project! You can find it here. Because it's on Nicoseiga, you'll need an account to view. Thankfully you can also log in with various social media accounts. It looks like things are just starting to get interesting in the story when we're left on this lovely cliffhanger!

  Although it may seem sort, Part 2 is expected to drop on January 1st, I believe. This'll include the second half of the story. From then on, it should be one complete story a month, though it's unclear if they'll all be split up into parts or not. Hopefully, they're also matched with their corresponding story, like the first one was.

- Some More Rambling

  So the lack of updates. Basically, I stopped working on the Origin Project (story parts) because as it turns out, they're only publishing the first story. The rest would take so long to transcribe/translate that I'm just not willing to take that time away from Stray Journey. Which I've got a couple chapters written up for Volume 6, but haven't had the time to proofread or format. We're still deciding between working on the Origin Project comics or the Stray Journey comics. Probably Stray Journey. I'm not dead. I'm just lazy.

- Season 4: Episode 2, New Comicalized Announcement!

    Season 4: Episode 2 of Stray Journey: New Series is up for pre-order on sites like Amazon, Tobooks, etc.! It features all new art of Beijito, and some cleaned up art of Ratsbane and Edge. For those who aren't familiar with these books, they're rereleases of Stray Journey: New Series, featuring Orphen and his three kids. These are rereleases of that story, with new covers. It is not another sequel.

    A couple weeks late, but they've also concluded the poll for which shorts from the Reckless arc would be brought to comic formats! The options consisted of the short stories at the end of the Reckless books, involving days at the Tower of Fang prior to the whole Azalea event. This means we'll get to see into the lives of Orphen, Hartia, Azalea, Leticia, Komikron, etc., before the shit hit the fan. The comic will run for 10 months, featuring 1 story per month.

- Drama CD Rerelease, New Comic Poll

    With the conclusion of Volume 4 I thought I'd take a moment to talk about some upcoming Orphen stuff. For one thing, two of the Drama CDs have been re-released on their own, through TO Books website. Search for 魔術士オーフェン to find them. These are the same CDs that were included with the limited edition books from the new series.

    They've also hinted that one of the Orphen stories will be up for a 10-month consecutive comic, which you can vote for here. When you vote you'll be able to get a free desktop wallpaper.

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