- Stray Journey (New Series): Liberators Battlefield    Volume 4

English Title: Liberators Battlefield
Release: 1st Edition (初回限定版)

Japanese Title: 魔術士オーフェンはぐれ旅 解放者の戦場
Book Title: 解放者の戦場

ISBN: 978-4-904376-98-0
Price Tag: 2000 Yen (+ Tax)

Pages: 390 (5 Extra)
Chapters: 24
Color Images: 2
Monochrome Images: 5

Extras: Map, Character Tree

Limited Edition Extras:
    Thin Cardboard Box Cover (Fits around the book, booklet, and CD case.)
    Production Notes II Booklet
    Drama CD x2

Summary: Unavailable

Production Notes II: Silver Foil Cover
Pages: 87
    This special booklet comes with a number of interesting pages. It not only includes concept sketches for the cover, alternative sketches for certain art images, but is complete with an interview, a profile, and a reprinted short story.*

    * The short story is the section of Reckless Journey's 13th volume. It's not a new story.

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