Majutsushi Orphen: World

The Continent of Kiesalhima

 The bulk of Stray Journey's story takes place on the continent of Kiesalhima. This is a vast landscape with a wide variety of unique and magical places. Throughout the story our crew travels from one end of the continent to the other, encountering tons of obstacles along the way.

 While this page is currently a heavy WIP, it will eventually contained detailed lists of each defined location in the series, from major cities to individual roads. For now, it will serve as a list of such locations.

 * The image on the right is from the 2020 anime, and differs slightly in geography compared to the books.

List of Locations

Major Locations      Geographical Locations      Manmade Locations

 Aiden Mountain Range
 Plains of Abarad
 Bagup's Inn
 Everlasting Home
 Ruins of Kohan
 Tower of Fang
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