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    The most massive portion of the Orphen story is based in a series of novels released in Japan. We're working on obtaining these books and someday hope to have them translated, but in the mean time we are working on a single cross over book.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen - Stray Journey

    The original book series, in which Orphen strives to save Azalie from the Tower of Fang, and also herself. These books are where the anime and manga drew their inspiration, and if you found the series through one of those it's probably the most relevant to your interests.

Special Edition: Special Edition books were sold with two books bound into a single volume. The color pages were still all placed at the beginning of the book. A quick glance looks the same as the standard release. Perhaps with the exception of the afterward looking a bit difference (but I've not checked thoroughly to confirm.)

Advertisement Books & Pamphlets

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen - Reckless Arc

Special Edition: Special Edition books were sold with two books bound into a single volume. The color pages were still all placed at the beginning of the book. The Special Edition for Reckless includes nearly twice the artwork, featuring a ton of images that were present in the original Dragon Magazine stories, but not in the publisized books released afterwards.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen - Stray Journey (New Series)

Limited Edition: The limited edition books had different covers as well as drama CDs and additional booklets (not all limited editions contain both.) Though there are no changes to the actual book, the original alternate covers are included on the back of the color image inside the book.

Production Notes: Included in the First Edition release of some books. Contains a couple sketches, interviews, etc.

Anniversary Release: This is a series of re-releases of the books featuring all new cover art. Don't be mistaken, it's not a continuation, it's a reprint of the original books. Included in each book is a 2-3 page postscript in which the author, Akita, comments about the process.

Additional Story Books

Dragon Magazine

Dragon Magazine is a Japanese light-novel magazine, featuring stories from various anime and manga series. They provided printing for most of the written Orphen media and are also where most of the art books, phone cards, etc. originated from.

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Other Magazine Serializations

Manga Books

Art Books

    These books sometimes contain information, but are mostly collections of the painting and BW style images from the book series. DX, in spite of the anime style cover, is not an anime book. Just clarifying.


    These contain profiles, world facts, and lots of small images from the books. I notice some of these images don't appear in the main series. They are small though, so I'm not sure they were published only in these encyclopedias?

Anime Books

    These contain profiles, art, screenshots, episode guides, etc. all done in the anime style. Often times they'll contain a lot of the same images, but have their own unique ones to each book. Concept art is also often included at the back of the book.

Miscellaneous Books

      Game Books

    Fan Books

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