- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Stray Journey

    It's worth noting that my spell translations may be quite off. For one thing, I've dropped the yee-old English that was used in the other English translations (like the subtitles) because I just didn't see evidence of it in the original Japanese text. I also switch the order that it's written/spoken in, sometimes, if it reads better the other way. Usually because the spell often gets spoken in two parts.

    This list was more for my own reference, and I come back quite a bit to change how things are written.

- Spell List

    "A shield of amber, at my fingertips!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    The Shield of Amber cures the air within a small vicinity. In this field individuals have a hard time moving, as if slowed by a thick substance. It's not an actual trap, but can be set as one by unexpectedly slowing an oncoming target.

    "By our contract, end the holy war!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    A several step, and deadly powerful spell. An air current erupts around the caster, the charged atmosphere condensing into a lightning bolt. Once it's fired, it disappears into the target's body, and seconds later they're blown to pieces. This isn't the end, though. Once the pieces are scattered around the area, they get sucked back towards the center of where the spell landed. Condensing into a tiny space until it disappears entirely.

    "An image of the netherworld, in my left hand!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    A collapsing magic that's capable of destroying even megalith infantry sized objects.

    "Continuous Eclipse!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Creates heat waves in rapid succession, powerful enough to make the atmosphere around the caster tremble. The air becomes charged with energy as they fire.

    Known Casters: Hartia
    Surrounds the target in utter darkness, to a point that no light can pass through. This spell isn't typically a large one, and running a few steps is usually enough to get out of it. Hartia is noted to cast it with better capability, however, so that it isn't as easily avoided.

    Known Casters: Azalie, Childman
    This is a vicious spell that solidifies the atmosphere, crushing everything within its field. It's noted to cause depressions in the ground a few centimeters deep, creating a shimmering on objects affected. The pressure will inevitably collapse whatever stands in its area of effect. The effects are deadly.

    Known Casters: Hartia
    This spell creates a torrent of fire.

    "Guide me, starling of death!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Creates ultrasonic sound waves. These form into air blades that rapidly slice and dice an opponent. Fragile items like fabrics can be reduced to dust by this spell.

    "I am blessed, by the giants!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Causes an object to unnaturally swell. For example, it is used on a door to make it swell up so much that it gets stuck in the doorframe and can't be opened or knocked down.

    "I breath, the flowing angel!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Generates an upwards gust of wind intended to blow enemies back, rather than slice them up.

    "I break, the primordial silence!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    This spell creates a heavy distortion in space itself, which in the aftermath creates a powerful explosion. This explosion is large enough to destroy entire houses.

    "I bring a small spirit."
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Creates a flame the size of a fist, which is used to illuminate an area.

    "I build, the spires of the sun!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Generates pillars of fire over a set target, usually a person. Or a troll.

    "I call forth, the blade of the devil!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Creates an invisible sword. This sword shows a visible weight shift in the hand of the caster, and is sharp enough to cut like any real blade would.

    "I call upon you, sisters of destruction!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Their caster slams their hand into the ground, and shockwaves erupt in all directions.

    "I dance, among the towers of heaven!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    This spell allows for a sudden jump of several meters. Used primarily for quick escapes.

    "I dismiss you, dancing shrew!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Begins with a loud crack, and follows by extinguishing the magic that's taking place around the individual. Notably to be used to dispell magic fire.

    "I disturb, the light rays of the cage!"
    Known Casters: Majic
    Distorts light over a large area. It can be used to compensate for blind spots, or to prevent an enemy from seeing your exact location.

    "I erase them, the footsteps of the devil!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    This spell returns things to the way that they should be, by collapsing the parameters of a spell (described to be like broken glass.) It breaks away until the spell itself is gone. Was used to eliminate the darkness of the spell 'Dark.'

    "I heal you, scar of the setting sun!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Reverts damaged objects back to their original form. This isn't perfect, and for something that's completely destroyed will still leave marks.

    "I release you, Sword of Light!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    This spell creates a highly destructive wave of photothermal energy. This takes the form of a white band of light that's often strong enough to destroy doors and walls, and with enough power it can set things ablaze.

    * In the anime this is translated as 'Sword of Light, whom I do release!' I switched it around because most of the time that the spell is split in half, the 'I release' part comes first. This is more a matter of Japanese sentence structure, but it reads better this way, IMO.

    "I run, along the heavenly mountain peaks!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Temporarily releases the gravitational hold. This can allow a person to jump several stories high.

    "I tear open, the walls of the sky!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Creates a sharp vacuum in a specific spot. The powerful wind that is drawn towards this vacuum explodes against the target behind it. This force can throw a person quite far, and is strong enough to break medium sized branches.

    "I seal the boarder, at its edge!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Seals an entry way. For example, closing a door and making it stick.

    "I see you, princess of chaos!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    Generates a well of super gravity, accompanied by a swirling, black vortex. This has the power to crush stone, even something as large as a megalith infantry, so it's nothing to trifle with.

    "I spin, the armor of our halo!"
    Known Casters: Azalie, Childman, Orphen
    Generates a netting of circular lights, which act as a shield. This can deter powerful magic, even fire, but when each ring breaks it can allow damaging spells to pass through part of the net. These halos also generate a great deal of heat, and can literally cook the flesh of something that gets stuck against the net for too long.

    "I step through, the uninviting gate!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    If the caster understands the mechanisms of the lock in place, they can unlock it without needing a key.

    Known Casters: Childman, Orphen
    Creates a powerful, invisible blast. The pressure is enough to launch a grown man across the room.

    Known Casters: Azalie, Childman
    This spell forms a V-shaped arrow of light, which launches at the target. When it hits, it explodes into flames that rapidly engulf them, focusing the destructive power of the spell all around the target.

    Known Casters: Hartia
    Self explanatory, a powerful lightning bolt created from magic.

    "Place your child, within my arms!"
    Known Casters: Orphen
    This spell breaks the fall of an individual, ensuring a safe, gentle landing.

- Silence Majic

    Silence Majic has no incantation, so these aren't real names. It is written with characters that are placed on an object.

    A - Mind Deterioration; cast by the Killing Doll
    Those afflicted begin to move under the caster's control. Soon their mind fills with a pure white light, and deteriorates until they stare off into empty space. Mindless until they receive orders.

    B - Megalith Infantry; cast by the Killing Doll
    A character is written on a cloth, and placed upon a Megalith Infantry (giant golem.) It then gains the power to move, with the ability to follow orders. The caster than make another individual the commander of these golems, who can then defer command to yet again, someone else. They have no special abilities but are still quite strong.

    C - Tornado; cast by the Killing Doll
    Generates a tornado that is actually closer to several nested tornados flowing among one another. The force generated by this wind is enough to bend steel frames like straw, and causes massive destruction from the rapid flinging of debris.

    D - Rumble; cast by the Killing Doll
    Fills the air with a loud rumbling. This noise becomes so overpowering that it erases the voices of those within the effected field. Since voice magic cannot reach further than the caster's voice, it effectively renders their magic useless.

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