- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: "Successor of Razor Edge" Yuuya Kusaka Art Book

    English Name: Successor of Razor Edge
    Japanese Name: 魔術士オーフェンはぐれ旅 鋼の後継者
    Price Tag: 2000 Yen
    Pages: 109

Double Sided Poster

- Stabber Orphen

- Reckless Journey

- Stray Journey

- Yuuya Kusaka's Monochrome Illustrations


    When I read the original volumes for the first time, I thought Azalie was like a 'black cat.' So surely, he had to be like the cat, abandoned by a girl and thrown away (mostly due to prejudice.) That's what I decided for myself, at least in my own mind. Turns out I wasn't far off. When drawing him I try to make sure that he isn't too much of a pretty boy. In a regular line up he'd look more like a common person.

Cleao and Majic

    Since Cleao was a very distinct character, I thought about making her something characteristic, so I tried something on the side of her head, and her hair style was the result. (* Couldn't make out that last sentence.)

    For Majic I didn't have a lot of time, so I drew him in without thinking, and he certainly seems to have grown into something wonderful.

Azalie and Tish

    I love this combination — Although they look different, in a way their essence is the same. Just the objective, behavorial principle is slightly different. Azalie will do her utmost best to obtain what she wants (especially if it's magic or spite). Tish will do her utmost to defend (specifically, her own magic or in spite of others.) In the end, it is what it is — and that's what they do. They are very annoying people.

Constance Maggie

    To avoid falling into a pattern, I tried to draw a character with an eye style I hadn't drawn so far. At the beginning of the series, consciously, she was drawn more maturely, but I began to steadily draw her as a more child like character. Personally, I'm quite fond of her.

Bonnie Maggie and Keith Royal

    I think Keith thinks like a fox (literally.) That's why he tells lies and is able to speak earnestly, in a natural way, like someone sleeps, eats, and breaths. When Bonnie appeared for the first time, the fact that she was Coggie's sister was hidden from the reader, so I remember being a little lost on how to draw her eyes. I made them the exact same as Coggie's after all.

Volcan and Dortin

    In the first volume, I completely misread the depiction of Volcan's eyes, I think it was probably completely different from what Akita meant, but I left it as is after the second volume. Excuse me. Also — regardless — he doesn't quite look like he's 130cm tall, or an 18 year old. For Dortin I thought "this is me" from the beginning, so I drew him without any difficulty.

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