- Slayers VS Orphen

    The Slayers Vs. Orphen was (so far as I know) the only cross over series produced for the franchise! It combined the cast of Orphen with the cast of Slayers (leaning heavily towards the Slayers half) where they interacted within the same universe!

    The Orphen part of the series seems to draw from the novels. The book also came with a series of extras, including drama CDs and extra comics! Admittedly I'm not familiar with what all of the items are, but will try to detail them below!

Book: Roughly 350 Pages
    - Drama CD
    - Naga Paper Dress Up Doll (Slayers)
    - Keith Paper Dress Up Doll (Orphen)
    - Lina Inverse Sticker Sheet (Slayers)
    - Coggie's Bunny Notebook (Orphen)

    I'll be detailing as much info as possible in the pages below. The Drama CD has quite a lot of stuff including artwork (appears to be some possibly new art and some recycled, such as from the Orphen novels.)

    The dress up dolls, if it is not clear are just cardboard sheets. Blank on one side, images on the other. You cut them out of the cardboard and position the various items over the character.

Book Contents

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