Name: Azalie (アザリー)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Race: Black Magic Sorcerer
Blood Type: AB

Constellation: Squirrel
Hometown: Suburbs of Raindust
School: Tower of Fang
Master: Childman Powderfield
Also Known As: The Bloody August
Specialties: White Magic

  - Meddling in other people's business.

Special Skill:
  - Matches her enemies cut for cut with just one hand.

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

  - Ancient Ring
  - Sword of Baldanders

Related Characters:
  - Childman (Teacher)
  - Forte (Classmate)
  - Comicron (Classmate)
  - Korgon (Classmate)
  - Leticia (Classmate, Foster Sister)
  - Orphen (Classmate, Foster Brother)

 A sorceress of incredible power, who excels as magic and has become familiar with a number of old world secrets. She went missing from the Tower of Fang after discovering an ancient sword, transforming herself into a horrible monster.

Concept Art


Prominent Features:
 - Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Anime)

 - Reckless Arc (Books, Second Story)
 - Stray Journey (Books)

 - Majutsushi Orphen: Stray Journey (Manga)
 - Majutsushi Orphen: The Origin Project (Manga)
 - Orphen (Manga)

All Features:
 - Stray Journey: 1 "Beast, Answer My Call!" (Prominent Character)
 - Stray Journey: 5 "Assassin, Erase My Past!"
 - Stray Journey: 6 "Successor, Come To My Tower!"

 - Successor of Razor Edge (Art Book: 7 Color, 5 black and white)


 Azalie has a sharp mind and a quick wit. She loves to antagonize others, getting reactions with anything she can. It's not uncommon for this to lead to a fierce and explosive disagreement between her and her loved ones, most commonly Leticia.

 Beneath the surface she's fiercely competitive. She desires power, and more than that knowledge. The lengths that she'll go to in order to obtain this knowledge is extreme. Violence, and even murder. After years of being chased by the Tower of Fang, following the Baldanders incident, she took on a "kill or be killed" attitude, and her typical anger gained a more dangerous aspect..



 After discovering the Sword of Baldanders, Azalie tried and failed to use its power to her benefit. The agonizing pain from having impaled herself on the blade caused her to lose concentration, and the form she took was that of the dragon on the hilt.

 Rather than to admit this scandal, the Tower of Fang chose to hide it. They held a funeral for Azalie baring an empty casket. They meant to hunt the monster on their own, and insisted that whatever was left of the creature was long since gone.

Beast, Answer My Call:

 Although Azalie, now known as the Bloody August went missing for 5 years, the creature resurfaced near the Everlasting household in Totokanta City. The creature repeatedly attacked the Everlasting home, seeking the ancient Sword that had since been sealed away in its warehouse.

 When the Dragon succeeds in stealing the sword, Childman opts to organize a hunting party. His goal: To destroy the Bloody August and put an end to this five year search.

 It takes no time for him to find the creature. Orphen gives it away in his desperate attempt to save Azalie. However, while distracted by Hartia, Childman succeeds in killing the Bloody August. At least, that's the way it looks on the surface. Soon it's revealed that Azalie used her white magic to switch bodies with Childman. Her in his body, and he in the body of the dragon. She then sought to destroy him, both to keep her secret safe and for her own survival. A hint of anger may have helped. Either way, the switch occurred before the dragon ever showed at the Everlasting home.

 Confronted by Orphen and accused of being a murderer, Azalie prepares to do whatever it takes to survive. Which includes killing her childhood friend if need be. She loses the fight, however, and is offered a chance by Orphen to return her to her true form. If she chooses, she may remain in Childman's body, but either way, he demands that she never see him again. Azalie chooses to return to her previous form.

Sorcery & Skills

 Azalie is known not only for her incredibly powerful black magic, but for being one of only a few white magic sorcerers. A sorcerer with the ability to attack the mind and spirit, crippling enemies before they ever get the chance to fight back.

 This is a vicious spell that solidifies the atmosphere, crushing everything within its field. It's noted to cause depressions in the ground a few centimeters deep, creating a shimmering on objects affected. The pressure will inevitably collapse whatever stands in its area of effect. The effects are deadly.

"I spin, the armor of our halo!"
 Generates a netting of circular lights, which act as a shield. This can deter powerful magic, even fire, but when each ring breaks it can allow damaging spells to pass through part of the net. These halos also generate a great deal of heat, and can literally cook the flesh of something that gets stuck against the net for too long.

 This spell forms a V-shaped arrow of light, which launches at the target. When it hits, it explodes into flames that rapidly engulf them, focusing the destructive power of the spell all around the target.

Assorted Facts


 • She obtained an ancient ring from her studies, which later surfaced at the Everlasting home.
 • She stole the Sword of Baldanders from the Tower of Fang to study its forbidden magic in secret.


 • She helped train Orphen, both in his sorcery and in combat.
 • She once had long hair, but the Tower of Fang made her cut it, something she laments often about.
 • She was involved in the research project to study and translate ancient sorcerer scripts.
 • Her proficiency at this was so great that she was the only one to discover how to use the Sword of Baldanders.
 • She was claimed to be dead by the Tower of Fang after turning into a monster.
 • To emphasize this fact, an empty casket was buried under a nameless tombstone.


 • She's often seen antagonizing others, hoping to incite a reaction.
 • When she sought the power of the sword, it was in hopes that Childman would see her as a suitable woman for him.
 • She loved to watch old cavalry competitions, and adored the design of cavalry weapons.


 • Azalie's name can be spelled Azalea, but we chose Azalie to avoid pronunciation confusion with the Azalea Flower.

Anime Appearance

Story Differences:

 There were some key features changed about Azalie in the anime. In particular that her love interest in Childman was played up to the extremes.

 While the story continues on a similar tangent, it diverges once Azalie switches bodies with Childman. She continues to try to hunt him, but Orphen convinces her that Childman was only trying to help her. In the end, she can't undo what she has done, and tries to use the Sword of Baldanders to fix her mistakes. This only results in both souls, her and Childman's, remaining without a host. Neither willing to possess Azalie's true body, as it would mean sacrificing the other.

 Orphen manages to remedy this by using the Sword of Baldanders to return Azalie to her body, and make that body pregnant with Childman as the fetus. She parts ways with Orphen after this incident and little is said about her future, nor does she make a return for Orphen Revenge.

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