Name: Bagup (バグアップ)
     Gender: Male
     Age: ?
     Height: ?
     Weight: ?
     Race: Human
     Blood Type: ?

     Constellation: ?
     Hometown: Totokanta
     Also Known As:
     Specialties: ?

     Hobbies: Washing Dishes

     First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

     Related Characters:
     - Majic Lin (Son)

     Name: Often romanized as "Bugup." We went with Bagup since the two As are not pronounced the same.

     A tough old man who runs the Totokanta Inn. He's usually seen at the bar polishing glasses and lecturing Orphen. Not much is known about his past, but it was eluded that he was once a well known bandit who eloped with a woman known as the "queen of the underworld."

Concept Art



     Bagup is a gruff old man. He doesn't like playing games and he's very serious about the well being of his son, Majic. Even if he lets him go adventuring with a shady loan shark.


     When the story begins Bagup is running Bagup's Inn on a backalley of Totokanta. He spends most of his days tending to the bar and inadvertantly gossipping with the locals. It's Bagup that tells Volcan where to find the party of sorcerers that were hunting the beast, and it's also his inn where Orphen lives at the time.

     He has a single son, Majic. He finally agrees to let him travel with Orphen as his apprentice because the cost of hiring a more 'legit' black magic sorcerer would be more than he could afford.

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