Name: Dortin  (ドーチン)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 130 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Race: Troll
Blood Type: O

Constellation: Scorpeo
Hometown: Mazmaturia
Also Known As:
Specialties: Reading Books

Hobbies: Not being allowed to die.

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

 - Vulcan (Big Brother)

Related Characters:
 - Orphen (Brother's Loan Shark)

 Dortin is one of two dwarven brothers who share a prominent role in the cast. He spends the story traveling with his older brother, Vulcan, but although Dortin is far more intelligent, he's often beaten into submission by his bully of a brother. This leads to him frequently getting dragged along in Vulcan's stupid plans. Throughout their journeys, he's often longing for his home, Mazmaturia, before he's struck back to reality. Usually by the blunt side of Vulcan's sword.

Concept Art


 Although Dortin is by and large considered a meek, pathetic counterpart to his brother, he enjoys a depth that Vulcan simply doesn't possess. He has a passion for books, reading whenever he gets the chance, and unlike his brother, he can stop and enjoy the scenery during their adventures.

 While he knows that most of Vulcan's ideas are bad, he rarely says so. Instead he makes tiny little quips from the sidelines, but ultimately goes along with whatever his brother tells him to do. He's a lot more kind hearted, and in spite of his brother's bullying, he does love him.


Traveling With Big Brother:

 A year and a half before the story, when Dortin was younger, his brother had a falling out with their parents. He kidnapped Dortin, and made him travel with him on his journey. Unfortunately Vulcan wasn't very good at taking care of him, or even himself, so much of their time is spent in poverty, stealing bread from store fronts and trying to survive. All while evading the wrath of Orphen, Vulcan's loan shark.

 This village dragged Dortin all over hell's creation, from Alenhatam, to Kinkhall, to Fenrir Forest.


 Dortin is known for his intelligence. While he isn't able to read ancient scripts, he is at least able to safely say whether a language exists in the current time or not, which implies that he may be familiar with more than one language. He may also study those he doesn't understand, as he carries around many old books, and visits libraries as often as he can.

Assorted Facts

  • Dortin often visits libraries, and while you'd think camping gear would be what fills the large rucksack he carries around, it's actually books. Books written in lost languages, books from his own country, and even old decrees. He notes that his parents have an immense collection that far outshines his own.

Anime Appearance


Prominent Features:
 - Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Anime)

 - Reckless Arc (Books)
 - Stray Journey (Books)

 - Majutsushi Orphen: Stray Journey (Manga)
 - Orphen (Manga)

All Features:
 - Stray Journey: 1 "Beast, Answer My Call!" (Prominent Character)
 - Stray Journey: 2 "Machine, Follow My Command!" (Prominent Character)
 - Stray Journey: 3 "Spirit, Rest On My Chest!" (Prominent Character)
 - Stray Journey: 4 "Wolves, Gather In My Forest!" (Prominent Character)
 - Stray Journey: 5 "Assassin, Erase My Past!" (Prominent Character)
 - Stray Journey: 6 "Successor, Come To My Tower!" (Prominent Character)

 - Successor of Razor Edge (Art Book)

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