Name: Ekintora Everlasting  (ェキントラ・ェバーラスティン)
     Gender: Male
     Age: ?
     Height: ? cm
     Weight: ? kg
     Race: Human
     Blood Type: ?

     Constellation: ?
     Hometown: ?
     Also Known As:
     Specialties: ?

     Hobbies: ?

     First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

         - Teishitenir Everlasting (Wife)
         - Cleao Everlasting (Daughter)
         - Mariabelle Everlasting (Daughter)

     Ekintora is Cleao's father. He's most well known for his obsessive collection of antiques, which included not just older artifacts, paintings, and tapestries, but also rare magic artifacts.


     - Stray Journey: 1 "Beast, Answer My Call!" (Mentioned)

Assorted Facts

     - Ekintora was the son of a merchant.


Checkered Past:

 Although the details are unclear, Ekintora supposedly once employed Childman as an assassin. They became good friends, and eventually, Childman trusted Ekintora to store many magic artifacts that he deemed too dangerous to leave at the Tower of Fang. Who would think to check the home of an eccentric magic collector, right? Even a powerful magical artifact is just an ordinary item in the hands of someone who can't use magic.

Ekintora's Wisdom:

 Cleao likes to claim that her father made a ton of bizarre quotes before his death. Though surely not all of them came from him specifically, or at least not in the times given, they'll be included anyway for posterity's sake.

 •  "People who try to truly understand each other often clash."
 •  "A happy life is all about a happy mess."
 •  "It takes a lifetime to prove someone's guilt and often when you finally do, the person you're trying to prove guilty decides to kill you." (3 weeks before his death)
 •  "Old people don't forgive young people for their mistakes. It's called jealousy." (Two hours before his death)
 •  "Everyone dies, once they stop talking" (Just before his death)
 •  "The only meaningful death is in the last will and testament." (His will given just after he was pronounced dead)
 •  "If you try hard enough, you won't die." (Just before he got sick, vomited, and passed out.)

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