Herschel Lewis

Name: Herschel Lewis  (ハーシェル・ルイス)
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hometown: Kinkhall Village

First Featured: Stray Journey: Volume 3 "Ghost, Sleep On My Chest!"

 Herschel is the innkeeper's son from Kinkhall Village. He usually works at the inn by helping people transport their luggage, while telling them about the village's colorful history in an effort to get a better tip. He also joins the "Vulcan Company's" little brigade on cheap money making schemes, such as picking up springs and bent, rusted nails from the roadside to sell to a junk dealer.


 Herschel doesn't appear much in the story, but seems upbeat and eager to join in on activities going on around him. He can also be a bit mischievous, and when Vulcan refused to call him by his name, he and the other children began inventing names.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey: 3 "Ghost, Sleep On My Chest" (Background Character)

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