Name: Hirietta  (ヒリエッタ)
Gender: ?
Age: Mid-late 20s
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Race: Creature
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: Raindust
Also Known As: "Fool's Dog"

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Ghost, Sleep On My Chest!"


Related Characters:
 - Sammy (Former Boyfriend)

 Hirietta, also known as the "Fool's Dog" is an assassin with a shakey work history. While it's said that she'll never turn down a job, it's also said that she'll often turn against her employers, or even let their targets go. Nevertheless, her reputation as a sorcerer-killing expert has earned her a fair bit of work.



Prominent Features:
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All Features:


Early Past:

 By the time Hirietta was 15, she'd grown bored with her home environment, and decided to leave her village with only a few simple belongings. Her first stop was to be Kinkhall. Upon reaching the village, she fell ill, and was found by Sammy, who asked his boss, Phonogolos, to provide Hirietta a place to stay. He owned a large mansion on the outskirts of town, and agreed to take the girl in.

 Every item that Hirietta owned was given to her by Sammy, who had held on to them after his sister had passed away and left him her belongings. She learned to read and write, taught by Sammy, and continued to live in Phonogolos' mansion.

Loss of Sammy and Conversion:

 A year after she was taken in, Hirietta's perceived reality came to a jarring halt as Phonogolos attempted to have her thrown into an incubator, which would convert her into one of his Creatures. In order to save her life, Sammy dove in and took her place. Hirietta, horrified, had no choice but to stand by and watch him slowly become more and more like one of Phonogolos' creatures, until one day, at the moment he ceased to be a human being, he begged her to kill him.

 At a later point, Phonogolos developed a second skin, a full-length body suit for Hirietta based on similar properties used to create Kikuiem. Once she'd received it, Hirietta came to the realization that she could either use it to kill sorcerers, or to kill Phonogolos himself. Orphen wondered if it wasn't Hirietta herself that caused Phonogolos to be turned into a creature, but this was never confirmed.

Assassination Hire:

 Throughout the years, Hirietta tried time and time again to kill Sammy, hoping to fulfill her promise, but she was never able to succeed. Realizing that she wasn't going to be able to complete this task, she instead spent eight years looking for a sorcerer who could. She was overjoyed to learn that Krylancelo had gone missing from the Tower of Fang, convinced that if she could only find the young assassin, she could finally fulfill her promise.

 Eventually, Hirietta was called from the other side of the continent to take on a job sponsored by a man named Xanadu Ostwald, from Totokanta. He wanted Orphen killed, as he felt that his loan sharking business was infringing on his terf. However, this job was incidental. Hirietta was searching for someone, a particular sorcerer, and Ostwald's request just happened to coincide that. So she accepted.

 Upon confronting Orphen, however, Hirietta only tested his abilities. Once she was confident that he was who she was after, she even saved him from another assassination attempt, initiated by a second assassin that Ostwald had hired. She instead made a new proposition, that Orphen accompany her to see her real employer, who was looking for a powerful sorcerer. Intrigued, Orphen agreed to follow along. However, throughout his stay at the village, it became clear that something was off in the town. He was attacked by several monsters, and when Hirietta finally led him to her supposed employer, he began to learn why.

 Her true employer was none other than Kief Phonogolos, an exiled sorcerer from the Tower of Fang. As he discussed his circumstances with Orphen, Orphen learned that the creatures had escaped over time, creatures that resulted from his research. Hirietta only rejoined them as the tank containing the fish creature, Phonogolos, was broken. She explained that her true employer was Sammy, the ghost-like apparition planning to launch a fierce attack against them in that very moment. She confessed that the true reason she'd brought Orphen to the mansion, was to put Sammy out of his misery.

The Death of Sammy:

 Though Hirietta allowed Orphen to fight the Creatures under Sammy's control, she waited for a time when he would have to confront Sammy. This came about when Cleao was possessed by the apparition, but surprisingly, Orphen figured out not only how to expel Sammy from a possessed body, but also how to defeat him once and for all. The idea was to burn the mansion to the ground, as Sammy hid within the walls, forcing his gaseous body to become compounded to the wood and thus unable to escape. However, what he suspected, but had not yet confirmed, was that Hirietta planned to remain behind in the burning mansion, dying in the fire with her former love.

 In the end, Orphen convinced Hirietta to leave. After the mansion had burned, only one small part of Sammy remained. With no flammable material left, Hirietta took a red-hot fire poker from the debris and pressed it to her own chest. Her flesh became the new material to which Sammy could bond, and in that moment, their minds became one, and Sammy's remaining form was dissolved. In this final moment, Hirietta thought of how she'd never forget him.




 Hirietta is an experienced assassin, however, it's said that she'll only kill sorcerers.


 Hirietta wears a skin-tight black leather bodysuit. The skin, much like Kikuiem's skin resists almost any outside force, including but not limited to blades, spells, and even blunt force trauma. However, her head and neck are still exposed, remaining as vulnerabe to damage as any other human would be. This suit was given to her by Phonogolos, and was designed to fit her body when she was 15, so she expressed that it was rather tight 10 years later.

Assorted Facts


 • Hirietta is noted to be a comparably cheap assassin.
 • It's said that she never refuses a task, but betrays her clients on 90% of her jobs.
 • Hirietta claims to have fallen in love with other men during the last eight years.
 • In spite of this, she always felt obligated to keep her promise to kill Sammy.

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