Kauffmen, Lambert, Michele, Toby, Wes

Name: Kauffmen, Lambert, Michele, Toby, and Wes  (カウフマン, ランべルト, ミケーレ, トビー, ウェス)
Race: Human
Home: Kinkhall Village
First Featured: Mentioned In Stray Journey: "Ghost, Sleep On My Chest"

 Kauffmen, Lambert, Michele, Toby, and Wes are a group of kids that worked briefly with Vulcan during Volume 3. They teased Vulcan, who couldn't be bothered to learn their names, by making up names for themselves, until Dortin observed that they'd been given more names than there were children.

 By the end of the book the children had grown surprisingly vicious against their aggressive leader, who frequently tried to beat them. When Cleao instructed them to throw oil on the fire, they threw it on Vulcan instead, resulting in him being lit up by a passing ember from the burning house. They were asked to fetch water to put the fire out, but provided more oil instead.

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