Name: Mariabelle  (マリアべル)
Gender: ?
Age: Estimated to be 22 ~ 23
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Race: ?
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: Totokanta
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call!"

 - Ekintora Everlasting (Father)
 - Teishitenir Everlasting (Mother)
 - Cleao Everlasting (Sister)

 Mariabelle is Cleao's sister, a remarkably quiet girl. Though she doesn't have a particularly strong presence in the first volume, she's introduced as someone that Orphen is supposed to marry, as he's pretending to be a wealthy businessman hoping to pull a marriage scam.


 Mariabelle is extremely shy. When she first met Orphen, she didn't say a word for the entire meeting, and it wasn't until the epilogue of the book that she confessed that she would've been happy to marry Orphen.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey 1: "Beast, Answer My Call!" (Prominent Character)


The Marriage Fraud:

 At the beginning of the story, Vulcan convinces Orphen to go along with his newest money-making venture, the details of which he excludes, aside from telling Orphen to wear a nice suit. They arrive at the Everlasting home, where Vulcan introduces Orphen as a Mr. Borpleworth, a wealthy businessman from Urban Rama who would like to marry Tishtinee's eldest daughter. Through the whole meeting, Mariabelle is silent, not speaking a word to anyone. At one point they excuse themselves so that Mariabelle can change into something nicer, but the two are terrified when a monster breaks into their home.

 After this frightening incident, Mariabelle retires to rest, only to later be held captive by an assassin from the Tower of Fang, Childman Powderfield. She remains quiet even then, and it isn't until the Epilogue that Mariabelle admits she would've liked to marry Orphen.

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