Name: Sammy  (サミイ)
Gender: ?
Age: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Race: ?
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: ?
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "NAME"


Related Characters:
 - Hirietta
 - Phonogolos

 Sammy was a young research assistant working for Phonogolos after the sorcerer was banished from the Tower of Fang. He was ultimately converted into one of Phonogolos' creatures, and became a gaseous apparition that mindlessly hunted sorcerers in search of Phonogolos.


Prominent Features:
 - (Prominent Character)

All Features:


 As a Creature, Sammy's mind slowly deteriorated until there was nothing left but vague memories and instinct. He began to hunt sorcerers, seeking for the one who had wronged him so, Phonogolos. However, he could no longer recognize him. He became convinced that every sorcerer he encountered was Phonogolos, but unsatisfied in the fight, would continue to seek out others. He also seemed to rely on instinct and natural shapes around him to orient himself. For example, whenever the mist that composed Sammy dispersed, he would always gather at the center of the room before taking human form again.


Life With Hirietta:

 Sammy once worked with Phonogolos as his assistant. During this time, he found a young girl on the side of the road, after she'd fallen ill. He begged Phonogolos to take her in and provide a place for her to stay within his mansion. Phonogolos agreed, and Sammy tended to the girl diligently. He learned that her name was Hirietta, and gifted her all of the things he still owned from his sister, who had died from illness. He taught her how to read and write.


 As time went on, Sammy was confronted by the horrifying truth, that the only reason Phonogolos had taken in Hirietta was to use her as a subject for his Creature experiments. Just as Hirietta was about to be thrown into the incubator, Sammy threw himself in instead, setting into motion and irreversible progression of events. Phonogolos, though not amused, decided to simply move forward with this change in plans, and continued to convert Sammy. Hirietta considered this to be his first death, one year after they'd met.

 On the day that Sammy supposedly ceased to be human, he asked Hirietta to kill him.

Implied Move From Alenhatam:

 Although it is not outright stated to be Sammy, the story mentions that the Inn in Kinkhall was renovated from a mansion. This mansion had supposedly been built by a prominent figure in Alenhatam who'd decided to move to the suburbs on a whim. According to the citizens of Kinkhall, the man was killed by a sorcerer who lived on the outskirts of town, that sorcerer being Phonogolos. This story matches up with what happened to Sammy, especially as the figure from Alenhatam was said to have died outside the village, and Sammy died in Phonogolos' mansion.

Sorcerer Hunt:

 Furious by what had happened to him, but too far gone mentally to comprehend the world around him in an effective manner, Sammy began to hunt any and all sorcerers. He was desperate to find Phonogolos and extract his revenge. He had evidently appeared in Kinkhall multiple times over the years, including when he attacked Orphen's inn room one night. He later went on to possess one of Kozen's assassin comrades, who Kozen promptly killed, then followed Kozen all the way out of the forest, where he abducted him, Cleao, and Majic.

 Confronted by a real threat, however, Phonogolos began to grow enraged. Provoked by Orphen, who took advantage of his poor comprehension and claimed to be Phonogolos, he launched his creatures at the sorcerer only to see them defeated one after another.

Final Death:

 Confused and startled by the fact that his creatures had been defeated, that it was even possible to do so, Phonogolos withdrew into the various crevices of the household. Supposedly, to figure out how to process this new information. However, the house was set on fire at Orphen's request. The various parts of Sammy began to burn away, yet the core of his being, the mind, if you could call it that, didn't understand what was happening to him. He only knew that parts of his body were slowly disappearing.

 When Sammy had burned down to virtually nothing, Hirietta approached the tiny cluster of fog that remained. With no flammable material left to compound his body to, she grabbed a red-hot fire poker and pressed it to her chest. The excrutiating injury bonded them together, and though Sammy disappeared, his final moments were perceiving Hirietta's thoughts and mind as one with his own. His final thoughts were that he would never forget her.



 At one point Sammy uses a tornado to capture Majic, Cleao, and Kozen, and transport them back to Phonogolos' mansion. They don't receive any serious, long-lasting injuries from this trip.

Immunity To Attacks:

 Sammy's physical composition is a type of gas that closely resembles oxygen. Because of this, he's immune to most types of attacks. Physical attacks will do nothing, and neither will most spells, and because of his failing senses, he doesn't feel pain. This structure is eventually what led to his final death, as once burned, the gas would be compounded with other substances, in this case wood, and Sammy would be able to be burned away.


 Because of his gaseous body, Sammy is able to seep into the lungs of other creatures. In doing so, he initiates a form of possession: Taking over the person's body and controlling their actions, even to their own detriment. During this state, victims seemingly stop breathing. However, they're still able to move with extreme swiftness.

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