An Ancient Ring

Chain Of Custody:
 - Tower of Fang
 - Ekintora
 - Cleao
 - Bloody August (Childman)
 - Orphen
 - Volcan & Dortin

 - The ring is noted to be over 1000 years old.
 - It is also stated to be one of a kind.

 This Ancient Ring engraved with the saying: "Drop your weapon." It has passed hands many times throughout its life, but few people understood it. What was known was that it possessed an incredible power, but one that would only ever surface a single time. After that, that power would be spent forever.


 The ring is a small silver band. The craftsmanship of the spells isn't great, and on the top is affixed a tiny jewel, barely a pebble. Because the ring is so incredibly small it's theorized that it was designed for a child, not an adult.


"Drop Your Weapon"
 The ancient ring was enscribed with this spell. The magic protects its owner from a horrible disaster, but because the accuracy of the spell isn't great (ie. it had a poor craftsman) this effect can only occur once. After that, the ring is spent. Though, still valuable as a collectors piece.


 The ring first surfaced at the Tower of Fang with Azalie, who was studying a lost language from ancient sorcerers. She used the ring to test Krylancelo's knowledge of this script before inviting him to leave the Tower and become her research assistant.

 After Azalie's disappearance the ring was, for some reason, sent to Ekintora Everlasting. Presumably during the burrying of Azalie's records at the Tower. Here it was stolen by his youngest daughter, Cleao, who realizing that her sister had many rings to her simple 3, decided that she deserved more than that. Cleao later traded it to Orphen, who recognized the ring and took it as a down payment.

 At long last, the power of the ring was exhausted when Orphen confronted Azalie in combat. Unable to wear the tiny ring, he decided to eat it, instead. Though this dragged some laughs out of his confused opponent, it nevertheless deflected a fatal blow, acting exactly as they had predicted it would. What happened to the ring after that, well... It probably wasn't a pleasant experience.

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