The Dragon Faith

    A religion often held by extremists, although not commonly seen. Especially in large cities.

Alternative Names:
    Forest Tribesman
    Dragon Worshippers

- History

    The Dragon Faith is a term used for worshippers of the Dragon Tribes. Believing these dragons to be akin to gods, they obey all commands and overzealously carry out the ideals of their perceived overlords.

    Hundreds of years ago, when the Dragon Tribe waged war against the sorcerers, they gave magic weapons to their human followers. These weapons were used in the extermination of sorcerers, and the decendants of the radicalists continued to live in the Fenrir Forest for hundreds of years.

    It wasn't until a man named Macdougall came to the village, preaching his extreme reverence to manipulate the villagers, that this all finally came to a head. Mislead to invade the sanctuary, or at least plan to, the Deep Dragon overlords of the Dragon Faith invaded the village, killing countless worshippers. They deemed this a matter of punishment for committing a taboo, with no reasoning justifying their lives. The Deep Dragons even spoke of a decision by their own goddess, one that deemed the village unnecessary.

- Worship

    Dragon Faith members are often said to be extreme seperatists, carrying out the murder of sorcerers who enter the forest. This extreme faith had waned in prior years, as the villagers, now just tribesman, were always on the move and unable to really advance their civilization. Their vigor was renewed when Macdougall became their effective preacher.

    As symbol of their faith, the villages are often decorated with images of their overlords. In the case of the Fenrir Forest village, each building is topped with a statue of a wolf. The image of the Deep Dragons they follow.

    In spite of their worship, the Dragon Faith walk an incredibly thin line. There was no hesitation in the Deep Dragon's decision to eradicate them, a punishment for their crime. The villagers were largely unaware of this divine punishment, and perceived the dragons to be their guardians, protectors of the village. They were thrilled when they finally appeared, and soon horrified.

The Law of the Dragon

    A law put into place by the Dragons, when their tribes began to intermingle with humans. The law dictates that their followers stay within their own land, never venturing out, and never letting anyone else in. Those who stumble upon them are to be disposed of, especially the sorcerers.

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