Everlasting Home

    Residents: Cleao, Mariabelle, Teishitenir, Ekintora (Deceased)

    The Everlasting Household is a huge mansion on the outskirts of Totokanta. It was formerly owned by Ekintora Everlasting, and was inherited by his family when he passed away. Since then, while the building maintains its graceful look, it's slowly being emptied as the family sells off one antique after another to stay afloat.

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Assorted Facts

Details Of The Home

    - A laughing goddess statue stands in the fountain
    - The house has switches for its gas lamps and running water taps in the kitchen.
    - The warehouse door has a metal plate several centimeters thick.
    - The plate reads: "Those who would tred through this door, abandon all hope."
    - The warehouse contains antiques, books, paintings, and over 800 swords.
    - The underground warehouse also contains air conditioning.
    - A giant garden is located outside the home, with treelined paths.
    - A manmade pond is also located in the garden, but drained due to a water shortage in Totokanta.

Anime Appearance



    Formerly home of the most prominent family in Totokanta, the Everlastings.

    Following the death of the manner's owner, Ekintora, his wife Teishitenir took over the residence. The antiques have been sold one item at a time as the family attempts to make ends meet, but the family still has plenty of money to play with. No doubt thanks to the sheer volume of antiques within the household.

    After the Bloody August destroyed a room in the house, the condition of the home went down hill. A huge hole was opened in the garden, leading to the underground warehouse by the beast. Most of the garden was burned away in a fight against the Black Tiger, resulting in what looked more like the remains of a forest fire. While Orphen did some work to restore the damage, most of it went unattended, since he had to leave the home on short notice

    After the first incident everyone in the household that wasn't a part of the family was arrested under suspicion of being related to the destructive incident. The police, however, didn't know what could've caused so much damage, and even considered calling the army. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

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