Killing Doll

 Killing Dolls are one of many types of Celestial Dolls (a sort of golem) created by the Nornir. These creatures are used to eliminate sorcerers, and their bodies engraved with hundreds of symbols, each of which seems to contain a spell crafted by their creators. This gives them a wide range of options to use in battle, from direct efforts to kill to suppression through sound.


Physical Appearance

 Killing Dolls almost resemble a slightly taller human, with unusually skinny bodies and smooth blueish skin that stretches over unnaturally knobby doll-like joints. This skin is said to have a luster like flowing water. They possess no body hair, though the Guardian of the Treasure (the Alenhatam Killing Doll) had a small tuft of thin hair on the top of his head. They are noted to have blue eyes, but their face is almost featureless, with the mouth and eyes looking more like they were carved out with a scalpel.


 While there are also numerous types of Dolls / golems, we also know that there are specific individuals who were created to carry out specific tasks. These dolls tended to have special abilities that set them apart from the others, and often exhibited more behavioral individualism than their more robotic standardized brethren.


General Abilities

 Killing Dolls are designed with sorcerer hunting in mind. Each doll is equipped with a number of weapons hidden in their bodies, such as steel wires and needles. They also have countless silence magic symbols (Wyrd Graphs) carved into their bodies, allowing them to activate a spell in a split second. However, it is unclear how standardized these spells are. If, for example, different ones would have different spells. We do know that there are several types of these dolls.



 During the war between the humans of Alenhatam and the Nornir, the Nornir, unable to understand the cause of this conflict, created the Killing Dolls to fight their betrayers. They were specifically designed to kill human sorcerers, and that, they did very successfully. This was later interpreted as a sorcerer hunt in the city of Alenhatam, even though humans and sorcerers had, at the time, fought side by side. After that, the Nornir mysteriously disappeared from the city, and Killing Dolls weren't seen again for hundreds of years.

 Only the Killing Dolls seemed to know the secret history behind the war, and why it had transpired as it had. However, because they were created only to follow their master's command, they carried out that command without question, never addressing the root of the problem with their masters. After all, that wasn't what they were created to, or ordered to do.


 It seems that the Killing Dolls were ordered to remain dorment starting 200 years ago, and were instructed to wait until sufficient time had passed for the city to forget what had really happened. They were then to mobilize and eradicate every sorcerer in the city of Alenhatam during a time where they would no longer have their guard up about such threats. If one were to be defeated, the next would wake up, maintaining a consistent line of soldiers almost 1,000 individuals strong.

 This massive horde was ultimately destroyed by Dortin, who guided by Orphen and having seen the symbol used to destroy the Damsel's Orisons, activated it again. They used the most powerful spell carved into the Guardian of the Treasure to obliterate what remained of Fort Basilicok, along with all remaining Killing Dolls in the vicinity.

Assorted Facts


 • A Killing Doll without a head will lose control of its body, implying all command comes from this part.
 • Killing Dolls are quite intelligent, able to carry out full complex conversations.

Anime Appearance

 - The anime remained pretty true to their appearance in the books, refraining from pushing them too far into 'straight up a rock golem' category that most other Orphen media tries to do.

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