The Beasts of Kahlna


Alternative Names: Monster of Kahlna
Category: Ancient Machine
Creator: Heavenly Beings


    The Beasts of Kahlna are said to have existed since the beginning of time. Giant monsters with metal skin, pincher claws, and eye that glows in the dark. Their purpose is rumored to be guarding the haunted resort's lost riches, and that defeating the creature could award one the 'Golden Blessing.'


    In reality, the Beasts of Kahlna are said to have been left behind by a Heavenly Being, the man who previously owned the resort. As one of the Heavenly Beings, he possessed magic far surpassing normal sorcerers, and was able to sustain these creatures for years to come. This was over 300 years ago.

    Their true purpose was to tend to the extraordinarly delicate flowers, which only bloomed under a solar eclipse.

Technical Information

    These creatures wield a large scythe for their work, and aren't afraid to use it in combat. The rumors of their glowing eyes are technically true, they glow a blueish green when things are well, and turn red when they perceive a threat.

    It is said that these creatures, guardians of Kahlna have metal skin, sharp pincher claws and one eye that glows in the dark. This is all true! The single scope in the head turns a bluish green in good conditions and when a threat is perceived they change to red.

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