- Majutsushi Orphen: Manga Volume 2

    The second of six volumes! This series was drawn by Hajime Sawada, based on Yoshinobu Akita's popular book series, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. The second volume continues Orphen's search for Azalea, and more importantly, a way to return her to her true form. This path takes him in an unexpected direction, towards regrets he can never take back.


    A magical scoundrel on the loose!

    Orphen is back in action, waving his wand and flaunting his skills, but his quick wit and vulgar mouth won't save him now! When Orphen finally catches up with Azalie, he'll have to face the shocking truth about the identity of his former flame!

Volume Two:

    - Chapter 6: Fools in the Moonlight
    - Chapter 7: Reunion
    - Chapter 8: The One I Must Protect
    - Chapter 9: Truth
    - Chapter 10: The Woman Who Brought Disaster
    - Chapter 11: Enemy Raid

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