- Majutsushi Orphen: Manga Volume 3

    The third of six volumes! This series was drawn by Hajime Sawada, based on Yoshinobu Akita's popular book series, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. The third volume brings a strange new character: An assassin with an otherwordly ability. She's not just out to kill Orphen, however, she's seeking his help in solving a problem that has plagued her for years.


    Shot through the heart!

    Orphen is now the target of both bow-wielding assassins and venom-spitting snakemen, but his battle with the black arts is soon interrupted by a very deadly - and very attractive - adversary. This saucy sniper is after more than his blood! Love might be in the air, but evil is all around as Orphen's romantic interlude leads him into the face of madness...

Volume Three:

    - Chapter 12: Night of the Beasts
    - Chapter 13: Some Girls
    - Chapter 14: Fonogoloth
    - Chapter 15: Cleao's Dead!
    - Chapter 16: Counter-attack!
    - Chapter 17: The Strongest Opponent
    - Chapter 18: Rest Your Head Upon My Chest

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