- Majutsushi Orphen: Manga Volume 4

    The fourth of six volumes! This series was drawn by Hajime Sawada, based on Yoshinobu Akita's popular book series, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. The fourth volume brings an entirely new dynamic to the series: the introduction of dragons, a detail often forgotten in the manga series! But this isn't any ordinary dragon. It's a deep dragon that ... looks like a housecat? What?


    Where there's smoke, there's... danger?

    Things are looking grim for Orphen, but they'll only get grimmer when he comes face-to-face with the dastardly Lord Sapeux. Orphen stands steady as this would be tyrant recounts his diabolical plot to hassle the townspeople with "evil smoke," but when Sapeux threatens them with his one-man group of seedy underlings, Orphen decides to outfox this sadly misguided foe once and for all.

Volume Four:

    - Chapter 19: If You Want To Eat Then Get To Work!
    - Chapter 20: Orphen and the Path of the Animal (Part 1)
    - Chapter 21: Orphen and the Path of the Animal (Part 2)
    - Chapter 22: Orphen and the Path of the Animal (Part 3)
    - Chapter 23: A Fiendish Forest (Part 1)
    - Chapter 24: A Fiendish Forest (Part 2)
    - Chapter XX: Orphen-Bonus Journey

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