- Majutsushi Orphen: Episode Guides

    There's a total of 24 Episodes in the first series of Majutsushi Orphen, and we'll cover all of them! Each guide will contain a large number of screencaps from the episode in question, along with a summary, list of characters, potential quotes, revealed facts (however smell) and anything else that may be relevant!

List of Majutsushi Orphen Episodes:

    Episode 1: Name Unavailable
    Episode 2: Name Unavailable
    Episode 3: Friends, Come Together On Our Journey
    Episode 4: Guardian of the Garden
    Episode 5: The Priestess Embraced by the Dragon
    Episode 6: The Wolf That Cries In Our Forest
    Episode 7: The Ruins of Baltanders
    Episode 8: Azalie
    Episode 9: The Relic
    Episode 10: Mystere
    Episode 11: Leki's Big Adventure
    Episode 12: The Black Tiger
    Episode 13: Flameheart
    Episode 14: Do You Mine?
    Episode 15:
    Episode 16:
    Episode 17:
    Episode 18:
    Episode 19:
    Episode 20:
    Episode 21:
    Episode 22:
    Episode 23:
    Episode 24:

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