Name: Flip  (フリップ)
Gender: Male
Age: 30 ish
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Race: ?
Blood Type: ?

Constellation: ?
Hometown: ?
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: ?

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Assassin, Erase My Past!"


Related Characters:
 - Tifis and Leticia (regular customers)

 Flip is a jovial shop owner from the city of Taphrem. He runs a student café-bar, where he sells a variety of products, including coffee and sandwiches.


 Flip seems to be relatively patient and polite. In spite of Vulcan trashing his store, he did little to punish the dwarf other than making him help with the clean up. Otherwise, Flip seems to know his customers well, and had concerns over Orphen returning to Taphrem.


 Flip is described as having a large physique with noticeable muscles, but a rather childish face with a mustache. He wears an apron when tending his shop.


Troublesome Customers:

 Flip appeared in Volume 5 of Stray Journey, where Vulcan had trashed his shop over the course of a half hour. He ordered the dwarf brothers to clean things back up. When Tifis mentioned that Leticia was going to pick up an old friend, he was noticeably disturbed by this fact, but laughed it off as nothing. He seemed to be familiar with Tifis and Leticia as regular customers.

Assorted Facts

 • Flip is sometimes romanized as Phillip ( フィリップ.) I went with Flip as there is no 'i' sound in the start of the name.


 - Stray Journey: 5 "Assassin, Erase My Past" (Background Character)

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