Leticia McCready

Name: Leticia McCready (レティシャ・マクレヂィ)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 166.5 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Race: Sorcerer
Blood Type: Type A

Constellation: Libra
Hometown: Raindust Suberbs
Also Known As: Keening
Specialties: None

Hobbies: Looking after seedlings.

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Assassin, Erase My Past!"


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 Also known as "Keening" (with the kanji of The Scream of Death.) A black-magic sorceress from the Tower of Fang. Leticia once studied as part of the Childman Class, but her path in life became a little more murkey after both Azalie and Krylancelo disappeared from the Tower. She became profoundly lonely, and often seems to have a melancholy atmosphere about her.


 Leticia's personality is one of many facets. She's usually civil, if not a little snappy. She can be a stern but caring teacher and caretaker. However, when angered, she also tends to run wild, unleashing violent sorcery on those who've angered her (and probably a few innocent bystanders.) Nevertheless, Leticia is an incredibly lonely person. She dreamed of having a house one day, but not because of the prestige normally associated with them, but because she wanted a family with that house. She even kept rooms reserved for Orphen and Azalie when they disappeared from the Tower, hoping that someday they'd both return to her.


 Leticia has long black hair and a thin physique. She often dresses in a long-sleeved black shirt with beige, almost white slacks, with a glimpse of red socks. She also wears a gold wrist watch. Her long hair happens to be a violation of the Tower's regulations.



 Leticia was once in the same orphanage as Azalie and Orphen (Krylancelo at the time), but all three of them were taken in by the Tower of Fang by Whurl Karlen due to their family history as sorcerers. They were eventually placed in the Childman Classroom, where the three of them remained close throughout their training.

The Childman Class:

 Leticia was one of 7 students chosen to form the Childman Class, and stood as part of the senior group, which included Forte and Azalie. Though she was a talented sorcerer, her hysterical personality caused her a lot of problems. It was even rumored that her tendency to act out was responsible for her losing the opportunity to become the Teacher's Assistant in place of Forte. During her training, she learned survival skills for military use, including a variety of defensive tactics.

Following Orphen's Leave:

 At age 18, she qualified as top of her class, allowing her to go on to be a senior sorcerer. For Leticia's entire life, she'd dreamed of owning a home for her and her found family to live in. She finally made this dream a reality after Orphen and Azalie disappeared from the Tower. She achieved it by trading Forte the role of lead of the classroom in exchange for residency and her mansion. However, by then, almost all of her close friends had drifted away, and Leticia was left to live in the mansion alone, using it as her teaching headquarters instead. During this time, she had even considered a future in which she settled down with Orphen as her partner.

Krylancelo's Return:

 Over time, assassinations began happening around the city of Taphrem, with the targets typically being Elders of the Tower of Fang. When the Childman Network identified the killer as Krylancelo, Leticia was tasked with bringing him down, even though there was no hope of doing so. She had planned to either kill Krylancelo, or if she was unable to defeat him outright, attempt to kill both him and herself.

 When she received a call notifying her that Krylancelo, now Orphen (a name that she recognized from Hartia's report) had been detained at a ranger station, she went to pick him up, with the intention of either carrying out this mission or even running away with him. She was shocked to find two Krylancelos at the scene. One, the real one, older and aged into an adult, and the second, a younger boy exactly as she remembered him when he'd left the Tower of Fang. At first, she didn't even recognize Orphen, merely thinking that he was some stranger that Krylancelo was about to kill. The younger Krylancelo left, and Leticia took Orphen under her custody, bringing him back to her house. Though she hoped for him to return to Taphrem long-term, she struggled to prevent him from pursuing Krylancelo.

 It wasn't until Majic left her home, determined to assist Orphen in spite of his lack of skill, that Leticia decided to join the fight. She tracked Orphen to Childman's Mansion, and after gaining permission to enter, found him in the basement. She returned him to her mansion, in spite of the scrutiny of her colleagues. She underwrote an official record with the Tower, claiming that Krylancelo (Orphen) had taken a secret mission on behalf of the Tower five years earlier. In doing so, she had his charges of treason dismissed, and protected his status as a senior sorcerer of the Tower of Fang.

Fight for the World Book:

 During the night, Leticia's mansion was invaded by a Stabber from the Tower of Fang who were searching for something. She was perplexed by this, as only the Elders could pass orders on to the Stabbers, and if an Elder had ever told her to hand something over, she would've done it without hesitation. This was her first tip that something was off. When Cleao was later attacked by a Stabber, Leticia pursued her attacker, forcing Orphen to stay uninvolved so that he would not anger the Elders. She was ambushed by students of the Whurl Class, and lost two fingers in the process before being saved by Azalie. Though her fingers were able to be reattached, she lost the use of them due to nerve damage.


 Leticia owns a black cat named Nora, who she agreed to watch over for Orphen when he left the Tower of Fang 5 years prior. However, even when Orphen asked how the cat was doing, Leticia was quick to say that she wouldn't give her back, because she loved her now.


Survival Skills:

 While Orphen inherited Childman's assassination and combat skills, Leticia inherited a different variety of combat skills. The survivalist skills of a soldier. However, she doesn't have the stomach for battle. That doesn't mean she's untrained, either. Tish is a good fighter, and used to wear a specially customized combat uniform from the Tower of Fang, which had been modified to have less metal clasps on it.

 Among the skills she learned during this class, were the ability to detect threats, enemies, how many there were, and how they were positioned around her in the case of an ambush situation. This was based on experience and tuition.

Assorted Facts


 • While Tish is said to be a distant relative of Azalie, she also claims she has no blood relatives.
 • Forte and Leticia's relationship is implied to go back to the younger Tower of Fang years.
 • When Orphen claimed not to know why Childman disappeared, Leticia instantly saw through the lie.
 • She's noted not to have good eyesight.
 • In Class, Azalie and Korugon were the only ones able to compete with the magnitude of her magic.


 • In spite of everyone calling her Tish, she isn't very fond of the nickname.
 • When Leticia was young, her dream was to own a mansion where they could live together as a family.
 • Leticia supposedly lost 2 kilos from stress while litter training the cat.
 • Leticia is a germaphobe, and though she doesn't clean up after herself, she insists things be clean.
 • Orphen notes that, in spite of this, Leticia's personal space tends to be an absolute mess.
 • When Orphen missed curfew, Leticia didn't speak to him until he got home on time the next day.
 • She wore casual clothes so often because she was terrified of being targeted by the Killing Doll.
 • When upset, Leticia unknowingly releases low-level sorcery, such as shockwaves.
 • It is from this tendency that her nickname, Keening, is inspired.
 • Leticia prefers to place plants in sunlight because she thinks plants in the shade look miserable.
 • Leticia has noted being more afraid of the Whurl Class than the Elders of the Tower.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey: 5 "Assassin, Erase My Past" (Prominent Character)
 - Stray Journey: 6 "Successor, Come To My Tower" (Prominent Character)

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