Name: Majic Lin (マジク・リン)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Race: Sorcerer
Blood Type: AB

Constellation: Gemini
Hometown: Totokanta
Master: Orphen
Specialties: Magic

Hobbies: None

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

 Originally an ordinary young boy working at his father's inn, Majic is a sorcerer who would later go on to become Orphen's apprentice. Over time he has displayed abbarant sorcery abilities, breaking one milestone after another with extreme success. That doesn't mean that he's great at controlling his sorcery, however, and in the earlier books, Majic's spells often veer wildly out of control.


 Majic's often quiet, taking a back seat to the bickering that goes on between Orphen and Cleao. In spite of that, he aspires to be a great sorcerer, and though he often lacks confidence, he usually comes through in times of dire need. He wasn't always that way, however. In the earlier books, Majic struggled to adapt to the very real dangers of traveling with Orphen, and was often reduced to a hysterical mess when confronted by deadly threats.



 When Majic first met Orphen, he was working at his father's bar in Totokanta. He'd never studied sorcery before, and was shocked when Orphen suggested that he might have a talent for it. Though this was shrugged off by Bagup was yet another money grabbing scheme that was only designed to exploit a monthly tuition fee from Bagup himself, Orphen insisted that his views on Majic were genuine, and that the kid really did have talent.

 Majic went to school downtown, and discovered that Cleao, a classmate in a different grade, also knew Orphen. They schemed together to sneak Majic onto the carriage when they left Totokanta, and thus he began his journey as Orphen's apprentice.

Early Travels:

 As Majic began his training it became abundantly clear that he was a gifted sorcerer, picking up in a matter of weeks what could take other sorcerers literal years to reach. Even so, he had much to learn about magical compositions, and it wasn't uncommon for his spells to outright fail, or never activate at all. He rejoiced every success and focused hard to do better the next time. His aberrant abilities first surfaced in Alenhatam, when in an attempt to save his Master, he unleashed a spell of obscenely destructive power. And, well, missed, but that's not the point. It wouldn't be the only time his sorcery seemed to overflow.

 However, as they reached Taphrem, Majic was exposed to other sorcerers. Other Masters, other students, and knowledge of prominent figures in sorcerer society that he'd never even heard of. It was one of the first times his faith truly wavered. He began to realize that Orphen, though he greatly admired him, may not be the perfect Master, and that he may not be a great student. He felt that perhaps he was the one who held Orphen back. He had, at one point, decided to enlist in the Tower, not only to officially register as a sorcerer, but to join the Tower itself.

The Journey Continues:

 During their stay in Taphrem, when Orphen confronted an assassin killing off the Elders of the Tower of Fang, Majic set out to help him. Though he still felt inadequate as a sorcerer, he determined that though Orphen had fought and won against countless enemies that he'd supposedly be unable to defeat, he had never fought alone in those battles, and Majic had always been with him. Leticia agreed to guide him to the location of the battle, and just before they found Orphen wounded in the basement, Majic discovered a strange black leather-bound book laying on the floor of Childman's mansion. He picked the book up and took it with him, and slowly began to decipher its pages, not realizing that it was the legendary World Book.

 When it came time to confront the Whurl Classroom of the Tower of Fang, elite assassins who were killing citizens in the city, Majic silently followed along. He hadn't realized how important his book was, or that taking it had caused so much trouble. However, the battle went sideways from the get go. A huge explosion set off in the guard station prompted Cleao to ask Leki to save the people inside. This resulted in Majic being teleported elsewhere, along with Suaine, who the Deep Dragon child had mistaken for Orphen. Majic's first instinct was to run, but realizing he'd dropped the book, he returned, determined not to let his Master down. As he fought for his life, and fought to be worthy of leaving Taphrem with his Master, he cast his second aberrant spell. Though it missed, and the enemy counter attacked, Majic was able to achieve amazing results once more, successfully pulling off spatial transitioning even though he'd never officially been taught the spell. With his energy thoroughly spent, Majic was saved by Forte, who promptly took him into custody.

 At the Tower of Fang, Forte asked Majic why he wanted to join the Tower. When Majic honestly replied that he genuinely wanted to help Orphen, Forte surrendered Orphen and Azalie's pendants to his potential apprentice. He encouraged Majic to continue his journey, implying that he had to choose between Orphen and the Tower. Majic, with that encouragement, chose to follow Orphen.

Assorted Facts


 • Though Majic often follows the incantations that Orphen teaches him, hes also been known to cast with humming.
 • Majic learned how to cast spells in two weeks, compared to the typical 5 years it takes under serious training.
 • Majic inferred that he 'figured out' Spatial Transition rather than being taught by Orphen.


 • Though they attended different grades, Majic and Cleao were in the same classroom.

Assorted Details

 • Majic purchased his clothes as soon as he started traveling with Orphen, hoping to look more like a sorcerer.
 • He wanted to carry a dagger, but Orphen refused to let him get one, citing that he couldn't even peel an apple.
 • Had Majic attended the Tower of Fang as a proper student, he would've been a student of Forte Packingum.

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