Name: Orphen (オーフェン)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Race: Black Magic Sorcerer
Blood Type: O

Constellation: Aquarius
Hometown: Suburbs of Raindust
School: Tower of Fang
Master: Childman Powderfield
Apprentice: Majic Lin
Also Known As: Krylancelo (Real Name)
Specialties: Handy Man

Hobbies: Piano

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Beast, Answer My Call"

  - Ancient Ring (... ate it)
  - Sword of Baldanders (on and off)
  - Tower of Fang Pendant

 Orphen, the hero of the franchise, is a sarcastic, if not downtrodden black-magic sorcerer. Formerly a student of the Tower of Fang, he left the Tower when his childhood friend and foster sister, Azalie, turned herself into a giant beast. His goal was to save her before the Tower put an end to the creature to hide the stain on their reputation, but his journey takes him into much more frightening territory than expected. Also known as "The Successor of Razor Edge", "Successor of Steel", "Black Sorcerer", and "Krylancelo".


Prominent Features:
 - Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Anime)

 - Stray Journey (Books)

 - Majutsushi Orphen: Stray Journey (Manga)
 - Orphen (Manga)

All Features:
 As Orphen is the main character of the series, he features in more or less all media in the franchise. Books, manga, games, anime, and so on. This is usually as the most prominent roll, though later series would go on to focus a bit more on his children.


 Orphen's personality is brash, often taking a snarky tone and dismissing that which he finds annoying. In spite of this, he's a genuinely good person, and even if he finds someone to be insufferable, he'll go out of his way to protect people caught up in the dangers that follow him. However, he goes through life guarding his inner emotions, and many of his thoughts go unspoken. He anguishes over everything he lost, and the betrayals he faced throughout his lifetime, and struggles to fully trust others due to the experience that all of those incidents instilled in him.



 As far as Orphen can remember, his first home was an orphanage where he, Azalie, and Leticia all lived together. However, when he was 6 years old, the three of them were taken to the Tower of Fang.

The Tower of Fang:

 Orphen joined the Tower of Fang when he was quite young, and was trained in the art of assassination as well as being trained to hone is magical capabilities. At 10 years old he was one of the select few chosen to join the Childman Class, and trained under his new master for 5 years. During this time he gained many friends, though the only one who he truly trusted at the Tower was Azalie. However, Azalie was lost after failing a forbidden magic experiment. The Tower claimed that she had died in this experiment, dismissing any possibility that the creature she had become had any sense of her original self. When they refused to confess that she could be saved, Orphen abandoned his name of Krylancelo, and went on to become "Orphen", leaving the Tower with the goal of returning Azalie to her original self.

 After he left, rumors spread about why he had gone. Some believed he'd had a falling out with his master, Childman, while others believed he had been shunned by the Elders. There were even rumors that he'd gone to assassinate Pluto of the 13 Apostles, the only man said to have as much power as Childman.


 After leaving the Tower of Fang, Alenhatam is the first place that Orphen found somewhere to stay. As a sorcerer in a rather anti-sorcerer town, there wasn't much he could do to earn money, and thus often went hungry. He eventually landed a shady job doing small chores around a medical clinic. Soon after, he found a young sorcerer being chased by citizens of the city, badly beaten and potentially dying. He blasted his pursuers, and took him back to the clinic.

 During his stay, he learned that the sorcerer's name was Steph, and that he'd been lynched for stealing a wallet.


 He eventually ended up in Totokanta, living there for two years until the beast surfaced once again. Stunned, he decided to assist the Everlastings, whose house had been attacked by the beast, in hopes that he could reunite with Azalie. However, no matter how much he pleaded, the creature would not listen to him. He began to fear that the Tower had been right — that Azalie no longer existed. He was also beginning to realize that he lacked the power to stop Childman from killing the creature, and ultimately chose to join his hunting party. This was under false pretenses. He intended to find Azalie first, getting there before the group, and either returning her to her true form or helping her escape. Unfortunately this failed, and the creature was killed. With its dying breaths, it revealed to Orphen that it was, in fact, Childman, and that Azalie had switched bodies with him before he had ever even surfaced at the Everlasting home.

 Devastated by this revalation, Orphen confronted Azalie. Though they fought, he ultimately beat her, and upon demanding that she never show her face to him again, he also offered to use the sword to turn her into whatever form she wished to live her life as. She chose to return to her original form. Orphen, however, still struggled greatly with the fact that she had killed Childman, because he knew that she was strong enough that such a thing should never be necessary. At the age of 20, he decided to leave the city, to chase after Vulcan who had stolen the sword.


Mental Defenses

 Orphen is trained to shut down his thoughts in the event that he's up against telepathic abilities or mental attacks, such as white magic. However, he says that this type of concentration usually won't last more than 10 seconds. This particular skill was standard for the Tower of Fang, but Orphen was trained excessively in it by Childman, in secret lessons that took place in Childman's basement, as he was expected to someday counter Azalie.

Trained Sense of Scent

 It's noted on several occasions that Orphen has a keen sense of smell, able to pick up on the scent of blood from at least two rooms away.

Assorted Facts

Abilities and Training

 • It took Orphen roughly three years and four months to learn how to start casting sorcery, compared to the normal 5.
 • Orphen always starts in the center of enemy territory when searching for something, to learn his escape routes.
 • Orphen is able to drop several meters without injury.
 • He joked to be hard on Majic because students of perfect masters develop complexes later on.
 • When he was seven years old he lost his 2 front teeth to being hit with a cloth-wrapped stick during training.


 • On the night that Azalie used the Sword of Baldanders, Orphen had been invited to be her research assistant.
 • When he was a child, he wrestled a stray dog and had to get 7 stitches.
 • Both of his parents were sorcerers.


 • Orphen kept a handkerchief given to him by Azalie as a prized possession, until Cleao used it to mend his shirt.
 • Although Orphen had several friends at the Tower, he often regards them as more allies than true friends.
 • Once made Majic carry a human head sized stone, saying a pattern on it looked like a dead cat he used to have.
 • Orphen once mused about the idea of returning to the Tower to get a large mansion and status of his own.

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