Damsel's Orisons

 The Damsel's Orisons (Damsel's Prayers) is the name of the various branches of the Continental Sorcerer Alliance, which oversees sorcerer activities across the continent. It's implied that this organization holds a greater authority than individual schools, with the capacity to give orders to teachers and lower. Rules of the sorcerer alliance also seem to apply to some schools, and in many cities, the Orisons acts as a safe haven, sheltering sorcerers in regions where they aren't entirely welcome.


Totokanta Branch

 The Totokanta Branch is located in the city plaza, with a magnificient gate blocking the way. Steel engravings in the gate outline the face of a praying maiden, with the Damsel's Orisons title engraved alongside it. The words 'Continental Sorcerer Alliance, Totokanta Branch' are engraved below the maiden. A row of latticework borders the path to the main gate.

Alenhatam Branch

 Though a branch of the Damsels Orisons exists in Alenhatam, it's said to be only a fraction of the size of the Totokanta Branch. It was renovated from an old elementary school when they decided to move to another building, with a reception desk at the front and the organization's sigile behind the front desk. Though the interior lighting is good, the building doesn't seem to be well-kept, with cracks in the floors and stain-covered walls, complete with graffiti and paint from the students who used to attend the school. The branch consists of a school yard and two 3-story buildings lined up side by side. A staircase is located on the eastern end of each building, with a fire escape to the opposite side.

 The receptionist is a large man nearly 2 meters (6.5 ft) tall.

Taphrem Branch

 In Taphrem, the Damsel's Orisons has considerable power within the city, and being so geographically distant from the Royal Capital, it's virtually untouchable. This branch also sets itself apart by not only limiting entry to those who are sorcerers, but to those who are 100% of sorcerer heritage.

 This branch has large six-horse carriages with sand-tinted windows and sofas that wrap around the interior of the carriage, surrounding a single table in the center. Carriages have hooks for gas lamps for use during night travel.

Cooperative Efforts

Locating Sorcerer Children

 The Damsel's Orisons works together with the Tower of Fang to locate potential sorcerer children in orphanages all across Kiesalhima. They look into the child's history, and if the child had one or both sorcerer parents they're marked as a possibility to be adopted into the Tower of Fang. The Tower takes the most promising children and raises them as qualified sorcerers.


Kimrak Church Controversy:

 During the early days of the Orisons, the Kimrak Church was also on the rise. The Orisons, however, was plagued by the Dragon Faith. Incited into violence by the Nornir, the Dragon Faith continued to hunt sorcerers, even after their disappearance. Promoting the rise of the Kimrak Church was their lifeline in a world where they were being relentlessy hunted. Shortly after, however, the Kimrak Church called for the execution of all sorcerers, which shocked the orisons.

Assorted Facts

 • The general public isn't allowed into their buildings. Only sorcerers may enter.
 • Visitors must confirm a sorcerer's status before allowing them to speak to authority (ie. seeing their pendant)
 • It's not uncommon for them to provide horsedrawn carriages for transport.
 • Said carriages are often marked with large, gold-bordered letters.
 • A branch of the Damsels Orisons can be found in almost any large city.
 • The Orisons is the main distributor of continent-wide maps.
 • These maps are less detailed for the North and South, where sorcerers usually don't travel.
 • It's common for them to mark ruins as destroyed to continue to investigate without interference from Mebrenst.

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