The Tower of Fang


    A sorcery school, the peak of black magic on the continent. The Tower of Fang contributes a large percentange of sorcerers to the 13 Court Sorcerers.

Location: Tephlam City
Magic Category: Black Magic School

Alternative Names:
    - Black Magic Guild (Anime)

Known Teachers:
    - Childman Powderfield

Known Students:
    - Azalie Caitsithe
    - Ed
    - Forte
    - Hartia
    - Komikron
    - Leticia McCready
    - Orphen Finrandi

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    The Tower of Fang's appearance varies dramatically from media to media. We'll start with the books, in which the Tower is actually a hooked arc, said to be shaped like a fang itself. It is close to a relatively large city, and in instances of emergency, the cities civilians retreat to the Tower of Fang for sanctuary.

    Rooms are very sparce, often decorated with rusted metal window frames - if they have a window at all, a bed, and necessary furniture only. Usually just enough to place your clothes, with few personal belongings decorating them.


    In the anime, the facility is a more traditional tower, a mix of gothic castle styles. It's surrounded by a stone wall, which has carved teeth along the edge, and a vast graveyard behind the tower. Similar to the books it has very sparce accomodations for the residents.


    The Tower of Fang has various uniforms depending on the series. Most students have a brown robe, with chains around the neck. Only teachers wear black robes. All those who train or have trained there, however, share the same dragon pendant. Proof of having studied there.

    In the anime, there is some variation, with low ranking students having pink robes, teenage students having green robes, and teachers and elders having blue robes. Badges on their robes also denote rank, with elders having different badges than teachers.


    One thing is prevelant in the anime, and that's the dragon motif. With dragons atop every building, on all the doors, the walls, even carved into the pavement, it's clear that this is borderline worship of these creatures. The same kinds of statues are found in the ruins of Heavenly Beings, but not many dragon statues are visible in the books.


    Each sorcerer who studies at the Tower of Fang, and graduates on some level receives a pendant. A silver one legged dragon, standing on a sword, with its tail wrapping around the blade. This is proof that whoever wears it is a qualified sorcerer of notable power.

    What's not so commonly known is that this isn't just any random dragon. The pendant is based upon the Ouroboros, a monstrous beast that was feared for years. It wasn't just any monster though, it was said to be Keshion, the first Vampire, created from aberrant magic when he failed a spell to summon the god Boli. This resulted in his conversion into a monster, which lead to him slaughtering countless members of the dragon race and becoming feared throughout the continent.

    Their awe of this power may have been why Childman modeled the Tower's pendant after him. The sword on which the Ouroboros stands is meant to represent the Aurora Circle, a powerful weapon wielded by Keshion.

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    The Tower of Fang is regarded as the highest peak of black magic on the continent. Suitably so, as it also houses Childman Powderfield, revered as the most powerful black magic sorcerer on the continent.

    The school teaches both physical fighting skills and black magic. Competition is fierce, with small class sizes of less than ten members. Although classmates are like family it's clear that you can't trust other students, and should only look out for your own advancement within the Tower.

    In addition to these studies, the Tower has some more secretive projects. Those projects include the training of assassins, and the study and secret reproduction of guns, which are otherwise restricted to royal decree.

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