Deep Dragon "Fenrir"


    One of the six dragon tribes to have stolen their magic from the gods.

Alternative Names:
    Warrior Race
    What Lurks In Shadow
    Wolf of the Abyssal Forest
    The Dragon Warrior Without Sound

Species: Dragon
Residence: Fenrir Forest
Magic: Dark Magic
Medium: Sight
Founding Sorcerer: Lenhasinu
Curse: Silence

Random Facts:
    - Deep Dragon offspring are referred to as children, instead of cubs or pups.
    - Like other magic users, Deep Dragons are unable to multi cast. Meaning they can't attack and defend at the same time.
    - Like other dragons, Deep Dragons are considered sorcerers by the merit that their magic is not true god magic.

- Overview


    Said to be warriors of the forest, the Deep Dragons are massive creatures that roam the largest forest on the continent, the Fenrir Forest. This massive forest is said to take up 20% of the continent.

    Although they are not the most powerful dragon tribe, they are among the most feared. This is because of their vigilence in defending the forest, even if that means killing any man who enters. It is also rumored that they, like the Wyrd Dragons, harbor a great resentment of sorcerers. In reality, they simply have higher priorities.


    Among the six dragon tribes who stole their power from the gods, the Deep Dragons are also one of the cursed. For their crime they were punished with the curse of silence. Possessing mouths but unable to eat. Their silence extends to their voice, and even to their footsteps and breath. While this is deemed a curse, it actually gives these apex carnivores an enormous advantage in expelling people from the forest. People who won't hear them coming, and only realize when it's far too late.

    After this curse, although the dragons kept their immense power, they were tasked with guarding the immense forest. The goal of which was to protect the sanctuary, said to be home of the goddess, and rumored to exist at its center. This objective was held so sacredly that the Deep Dragons consider it a crime punishable by death to even plan to invade the Sanctuary.

    When the Dragons finally invaded a village seeking to invade the sanctuary, they encountered a young girl named Cleao. She had saved one of their children, and thus earning its loyalty and subservience. As a result, when commanded to stop by the child, the entire Deep Dragon tribe followed its loyalty and stopped their attack.

- Appearance and Behavior


    Like all true dragons, Deep Dragons have green eyes, a sign of their curse. Their jet black coats allow them to easily disappear in the forest, and in terms of size, these massive dragons stand up to an average 3 to 4 meters in height.

    The anime version of the Deep Dragons made a number of visual changes. In particular their enormous size, standing far taller than the forest. It also changed their coat color to blue, and their names to Wolven. In the books their always black, although an image of the map of Kiesalhima from one of the art books implies that there may be rare white wolven.


    Deep Dragons are known to live in water, a very strange fact for such a terrestrial looking creature. In spite of this, they aren't hindered by traveling on land. In fact, it's said that they're even more aggressive when they surface from their swamps.

    As is their command, the Deep Dragons will aggressively attack those who try to invade the sanctuary, sometimes even the forest. In some instances they're rumored to be particularly aggressive to sorcerers, though this can be said for the dragon tribes as a whole.

    It appears that if one Deep Dragon accepts rulership from an individual, regardless of who or what they are, the Deep Dragon tribe as a whole will follow that individual in their objective. Even if their new ruler is a human. This behavior reveals itself when Leki, under Cleao's command, is able to get the others to stop their attack. This is in spite of their original objective to punish the whole village by putting them to death, implying that this bond between them is paramount.

- Capabilities

Dark Magic

    Also referred to as Dark Arts, the Deep Dragons possess the ability to control most things. Not only those that are alive, but even the earth, the plants, and the trees of the forest itself. This power exceeds anything sorcerers are capable of, with the power to give or take life at will.

    With sight being their medium, Deep Dragons are able to affect everything within their site, regardless of distance. This means that their power can be disrupted by also breaking their line of sight.

    Power wise, they can shoot most things out of the air that come towards them. They can dissipate magic, and surpress most spells fired at them by sorcerers.


    Deep Dragons possess powerful regenerative capabilities. Unlike sorcerers, who can't restore nerve damage or severe wounds, Deep Dragons are able to do both. To the extent that they can even bring an individual back from the dead.

Spiritual Domination

    By sharing their power with an individual, Deep Dragons are able to share their senses. Sight, sound, touch. When they do this, they use the inviduals as pawns to spy on the outside world, commanding them to do their bidding. This is usually carried out on beings of a lesser intelligence, who are then referred to as demons. The downside is that the individual also possesses the Dragon's power, so it is possible for them to do damage by fighting back with that power.

Spiritual Sense

    Although the Deep Dragons lost their voice, they maintain communicative abilities through a form of telepathy. They can speak directly to a person's mind using this sensation. Like the rest of their power, it is limited to line of sight, and isn't perfect. Their conversation will be overheard by anything else that they lay eyes on in the area.

- Individuals


    During the Deep Dragon attack in Volume 4, a small baby named Leki joined Orphen's group, becoming emotionally attached to Cleao. This was a result of Cleao saving the child when a startled villager tried to kill him with a metal bar, afraid that he would attract other dragons to their location. Often times, he's used by Cleao to punish her friends for their misdeeds, and possesses powerful magic in spite of being a child. Enough to make him feared by the rest of the group.

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