Name: Fiena  (フィエナ)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Height: 151 cm
Weight: ?
Race: Human
Blood Type: A

Constellation: Capricorn
Hometown: Solician Village
Also Known As: ?
Specialties: ?

Hobbies: Boating and playing in the water

First Featured: Stray Journey: "Wolves, Gather In My Forest"

  Mother (Deceased)

Related Characters:
  Asraliel (Master)
  MacDougall (Enemy)
  Majic (Friend)
  Salua (Friend)

 Fiena is a young shrine maiden living in a Dragon Faith village within Fenrir Forest. After dying, she was revived by Asraliel, a Deep Dragon, to serve as her familiar and infiltrate the village.


 Fiena had a long life of misery and cruelty, and it manifests in her personality as obvious fear. She's reserved, almost frightened when around others, and struggles to let her guard down long enough to communicate on a personal level. As a survival response to her terrifying life, she has developed a second persona of sorts. A normal girl, and a shrine maiden. The shrine maiden is stoic, or tries to be (with frequent cracks in that cover) and tries to act as dignified as possible. However, she still shows obvious signs of fear when around MacDougall, a man who scares her greatly.


 Fiena is a young, someone stocky girl with black hair and brown eyes. She wears flowing silk clothes similar in fashion to a shrine maiden.



 Strangely, Fiena's story starts with her death, not her life. Three years prior to the story her mother passed away, leaving Fiena to live on her own. One day, when she was going to gather mushrooms from the forest, three boys followed her, and chased her through the woods. They eventually caught up with her, and as they were attempting to pin her down, one of the boy's struck her and inadvertently cracked her skull on the ground, leading to her bleeding to death. However, she soon woke up, finding that the boys had been slaughtered were mysteriously absent, and that she was now in the presence of a massive Deep Dragon.

 This dragon told Fiena that it had brought her back to life, under the condition that she become the dragon's eyes and ears within a mysterious village somewhere in the forest. With no choice, Fiena became the dragon's familiar. As she approached the village, she was discovered by MacDougall, who came to believe that he had 'rescued' her. She lived in the village for the next 6 months.

Village Infiltration:

 In the village, it was Fiena's task to spy on MacDougall, and ascertain his intentions, and what it was that he'd seen in Kimrak. During this time, MacDougall convinced the village that Fiena was a shrine maiden / priestess of the Deep Dragons. She was confined to the tower above the church, where she used a voice tube to speak to the congregation, and was never permitted to leave. MacDougall carried the only key to the room, and ordered Fiena not to open the door unless she heard his voice. Some time later, MacDougall allowed Fiena to open the window for fresh air, and take walks every 3 days to feel the earth. Even so, he remained in direct control of her, and refused to let her go out in public on a whim. She was only to be taken outside for her walks or to perform ceremonial tasks in which she'd perform miracles, such as healing. This further bolstered her reputation as a priestess.

Sorcerer Fight:

 When Fiena heard that a sorcerer might be in the forest, she asked to go on a walk, and ventured out on her own to find Majic. She was quite surprised to see that he seemed like any other normal boy, if not a little lost. The rumor of the evil sorcerers certainly seemed misplaced. Unfortunately, MacDougall and his cronies soon showed up, and when Majic was shot, Fiena healed him as best she could, and had him transported back to the village. She convinced the villagers that Majic was a girl, so that he could stay with her in her tower to be nursed back to health.

 When Orphen infiltrated the village, Fiena realized that he was coming to rescue Majic. She'd spent so long alone, with no one to rely on, that she panicked at the thought of Majic being taken away from her. Perhaps out of fear of being alone, or perhaps out of jealousy that Majic actually had someone who cared enough to save him, she asked the Deep Dragon to lend her its strength to get rid of him. She expected him to be harmed, but not destroyed on a spiritual level, as he had been. She immediately realized her mistake and used her sorcery to save Orphen's soul.

 She revealed that she was aware of MacDougall's plan, at least somewhat, and that he, and everyone in the village, would be destroyed on the next day. After a fight in the cells between Salua and Orphen, which left everyone but Orphen incapacitated or elsewhere, she made a request that Orphen escape the village and that he take Majic and Salua with him. Salua had been the only person in the village to treat her kindly, and they grew close, as Salua would often sneak up to her tower to talk to her at night, even if he was drunk most of the time. Orphen refused, on the grounds that Fiena was too weak to defend herself, and certainly too weak to take on the dragon races. It had been MacDougall's plan to use Fiena's connection to Dragon sorcery to find the Sanctuary, and to fend off the Deep Dragons guarding it, but Orphen knew that Fiena would never be able to stand up to any true dragon.

End of the Deep Dragon Battle:

 As the Deep Dragons discovered MacDougall's plan, they moved in to destroy The Great Heart. They surrounded the village and began destroying both buildings and citizens alike. While Orphen temporarily stalled them by confronting Asraliel, the Deep Dragon's leader, he could not win. It was Fiena who interfered. She used the Deep Dragon's power to transport Salua out of Fenrir Forest, to protect him, and stood before Asraliel to confront her herself. She insisted that she wouldn't allow the Deep Dragons to kill the people of the village. While she could not destroy them with that power, she could cancel their attacks. When Asraliel realized how foolish it had been to make a familiar of Fiena, she broke her control over her, thus denying Fiena any further use of her power. Mere moments later, Cleao ordered Leki to stop the Deep Dragons. The little dragon child's power was able to drive them away, but Asraliel still warned Orphen of the dangers of the sorcerer race.


 With the Deep Dragons gone, Fiena helped the rangers escort the villagers out of Fenrir Forest, insisting that they must be gone by nightfall. She said her goodbyes to Majic, and set out to help the people of The Great Heart find homes and work in other villages. She herself intended to return to Solician village with the main group.


Dark Magic:

 After being revived by the Deep Dragon, Fiena was able to borrow its power to execute spells, such as healing and mind control. However, because she was acting as a familiar to Asraliel, she was unable to leave the forest. Being a familiar gave her direct access to Asraliel's power, even if it was not to the extent to be able to fight a genuine Deep Dragon.

Assorted Facts

 •  Before her death, Fiena's mother told Fiena that she had to be strong.
 •  When Fiena first met Majic, she mistook him for a girl because of is delicate features.


Prominent Features:
 - Stray Journey: 4 "Wolves, Gather In My Forest" (Prominent Character)

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