- Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Stray Journey

    Stray Journey: はぐれ旅

    Stray Journey is an adventure book series from which the anime (and later manga adaption) drew its inspiration. It follows Orphen's journey to save Azalie, who has been transformed into a monstrous dragon during a magic experiment gone wrong.

    Due to time constraints (20-something episodes) the anime drastically rewrote the story. The later Manga edition by Viz was a bit closer to the books, but was still very different. This extended series has so much more to tell than either of those medias could fit, and we'll be doing our best to provide insight into it!

Translation Disclaimer
    Our translations are NOT professional. We're guessing our way through it using google translate. Please see the Translation Disclaimer page for a full explanation of this. Thank you for reading!

Spell List
    This list contains all of the spells that have been used in the series so far. We're only adding them as we encounter them in the books. Otherwise, it includes a list of incantations, the known casters of the spell, and a brief description of what it's capable of.

- Stray Journey Books

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